PMS – Is it a valid excuse to behave like a ‘Crazy B!tc#’ ??

PMS – Is it a valid excuse to behave like a ‘Crazy B!tc#’ ??

PMS – Is it a valid excuse to behave like a ‘Crazy B!tc#’ ??

PMS – What’s going on Ladies? … It seems that for far too long we have been both consciously, and occasionally unconsciously, using the onset of our monthly period to behave in our own words, “like a Crazy B!tc#”!! … our not so loving ways self-directed, or more commonly, directed towards our nearest and dearest or the odd innocent bystander that may make eye contact.

Obviously PMS or premenstrual tension is not a new concept, much has be written and shared, misunderstood, and reinterpreted, but do we not have the power to choose how we react, respond, engage with others?… Is it not time that we stepped up, Ladies?

Ask the majority of women and they usually admit to using the ‘PMS Power Pass’ (PPP) as an excuse to vent/indulge/ accuse/rage at potentially tenfold our normal intensity. Maybe not every month, and to what degree varies, but we all know we can pull out the PPP card (commonly referred to as the ‘get out of jail free’ card) as we unflinchingly declare, ‘my hormones made me do it!!’

PMS is a brilliant excuse for the unapologetic ‘She-Devil’ to appear, ready to unleash everything that has been metaphorically pushed-down, left unsaid or held back. We know that when the retribution can be excused as premenstrual tension, our targets are less likely to fight back. We have the histrionics of well established scare tactics embedded in the ‘PMS Power Pass’ to incite fear!!

We all understand the concept of PMS, we know when it is driving us, but why then are we not considering deeply that there may be a different way?… Behaving PMS crazy is soooo last millennium.

Have we simply given up, given into the head-spinning demon that eats chocolate and chips and flies off the handle at the smallest request or item left lying on the floor, or in truth, for no good reason at all?

Or are we simply just comfortable living the same cycle month after month and accepting that we turn into a crazy woman, rather than looking at what our bodies are clearly expressing yet we’ve turned down the volume, or worse, turned the communication off completely?

Could it be that we have pressed the mute button on self-responsibility and just use this time as a moment to rage because we can, because society condones PMS as a valid excuse, something out of our control.

Are we complicit in the pardoning in order to not expose the sisterhood? If a woman stands up and dares to claim that it doesn’t have to be this way month after month, what does that mean for the rest of us and the level of self-responsibility herein exposed?

In other words, all our frustrations and undealt with issues will have to be faced head-on/at the time, no space to play the PMS card – instead a rawness, a ‘real-time’ interaction, but also potential for honesty and true healing.

The fact is, a women’s body has the opportunity to clear all the emotional crap she has taken onboard every month via the menstrual cycle. This is incredible, (only insofar as most of us walk around unaware of this) and is the foundational truth as to why we all generally feel so brilliant on the last day of our period. The cycle of clearing all the unsaid, undealt with, unacknowledged rubbish that has built up over the previous 3 weeks has the potential to be cleared. A women’s body is actually capable of this stellar move, yet most take it for granted or worse, simply suffer or medicate the inconvenience without understanding the extraordinary occurrence.

What a quantum shift from the inconvenience, annoyance, and dread of our monthly periods, to the understanding that there is so much more going on that we have the opportunity to tap into.

For 3 weeks of every month we simply live our day-to-day. This activity may include pushing ourselves at work, at the gym, ticking everything off the list, multi-tasking, running after the kids, the partner, eating on the run, drinking 10 cups of coffee or the equivalent caffeinated energy drinks, staying up too late, sitting for too long in front of the TV, etc. the pressures of our world are go, go, go… there is no denying this… but we have a choice as to how we are in this world. And is it possible that PMS-crazy rears her head in the 4th week so vehemently not because she is who we truly are in essence, but because she is a product of our undealt with issues – all that has been overridden, ignored, suppressed, dulled-down, put in the ‘too hard basket’ the previous 3 weeks?

It is much like all the flotsam and jetsam washed up on the beach post a crazy storm. All the ‘junk’ previously hidden in the depths can no longer be held onto or be contained, and is released from the ocean onto the shores for all to see. We know it is under there and all clock on some level that the storm is coming, that we are ready to rumble, and the cause must be our period/premenstrual tension. But we are not going deeper.

We are using the potential grace of the period, not to mention the full menstrual cycle as an excuse to express/unleash all that has remained unexpressed for the previous 3 weeks. We hold onto the societal belief that all we have been unwilling to say – because it may cause an argument, reactions in others, etc. – can now be said with the right to behave badly under the banner of PMS. The same logic is applied to a myriad of other behaviours, such as eating copious amounts of sugar, largely driven by the desire to reduce the tension and supress even further what the body is bringing into focus.

The associated pain, swelling, cramping and clots are all related … unexpressed emotions, issues held onto literally pollute our systems … the point being, it does not have to be ‘our normal’.

PMS behaviours and symptoms are a culmination of choices made that do not support or honour the essence of who we are as women: our sacredness, delicateness, tenderness, our innate ability to deeply nurture ourselves and others, the grand wisdom and expansive knowing we hold.

The truth is, if we want the effect or outcome to be different, we have to look with honesty at the root cause and take responsibility for the quality of our livingness every day. That is, living in a way where we deal with what is happening, as it happens, instead of squirrelling away the hurts, disappointments, frustrations and unacknowledged moments into our body under layers of saying yes when in fact we feel no; being nice instead of being true; accommodating others yet leaving ourselves out in the cold; comparing our bodies and our lives to magazine covers and media images instead of appreciating the wealth of who we are from within.

It is a reality that the PMS raging and the various symptoms can completely subside if our behaviours/movements during the 3 weeks prior to our monthly period are identified and more supportive, nurturing and self-respecting choices are made. It is not rocket science… but it does incur a level of responsibility and developed awareness on our part, and a willingness to step away from the PMS excuses and go deeper instead, into the potential for painless and emotion free periods.

This wisdom is innate in us all and just waiting to be tapped into. We are and always have been our best medicine.

" The menstrual cycle is really a spleen cycle and relates specifically to the way in which a woman has allowed herself to live for that period: a woman is clearing all that she has unnecessarily taken on."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 526

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