Living yoga at work – a recruiter’s tale

Esoteric Yoga, stillness and living yoga at work

Living yoga at work – a recruiter’s tale

As a professional recruiter, I spend time interviewing people for job opportunities, finding out about their careers, understanding their professional situation or circumstances and providing relevant career counsel. To be able to do this job I used to think (and had a strong preference for) a private and quiet room as the pre-requisite and necessity to be able to get the information I needed and provide relevant support for those people I met. This idea of what is needed to support the interview process has been turned on its head through my choice to embrace yoga at work.

Yoga at work can conjure up an image of getting into yoga poses, but instead the yoga I am talking about has led me to explore a different type of support that I now use in my job as a recruiter – one that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of a designed meeting room and even supersedes the four walls that typically allow for an in-depth interview exchange to take place.

The actual support I am touching on here is the living quality of stillness; a fine quality that allows me to be me and to carry out the interviewing aspect of my job absolutely anywhere and everywhere, whether that’s a busy coffee shop in a central business district, hotel lobby or straightforward interview room. It is through the quality of my own living stillness, which I have re-connected to through Esoteric Yoga that I am able to hold not only myself – my inner wellbeing with a level of presence – but also the person that’s with me too to allow a certain magic to take place. As if time stands still. And where there is very real sense of space and expansiveness felt.

Connection to the stillness quality inside my body is what allows me to stay steady and operate aspects of my job in outside spaces – not having to be far from madding crowds or far from spaces that may be open, noisy, loud, busy, disruptive: places that in reality are no different to what we can and do experience in our everyday workplaces given disaffecting energies, polluting work relationship dynamics and office politics.

Connected to stillness, which is what living yoga at work truly is, means I can be anywhere because it is the quality of the inner-space that holds the external physical space, whether noisy or quiet.

Stillness is a space haven that calls a halt to infiltrating external interferences to offer moments of stocktaking through observation, reflection, understanding, clarity, insight and awareness.

Stillness that can be re-connected to through Esoteric Yoga allows us to be steady, poised, alert and focussed on the job at hand, which ultimately is about creating a clear unfettered space for evolution to occur within our bodies and also within our work spaces, our offices, our jobs and relationships.

Without this precious quality we are but lost to the creation and disruptive whizzes of the external world in all its antagonizing and tantalizing influences that we have created ourselves. Yet with the inner quality of stillness lived, worked and breathed, we realise ourselves out of such an unruly world; a world we come to see we are not in truth from, though are committed to, and as best we can, in our steadiness live free of its influences.

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  • By Zofia Sharman, MA Communications Policy, BA Economics

    International Recruiter and Career Counselor who sets a living standard in work/life that observes: when it comes to a job or career direction our only direction is the one taken back to absolute truth.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd