The common view of evolution is that one starts somewhere basic and develops or improves from there. For example some believe that we came from apes and developed into clever human beings. Then we have ideas such as survival of the fittest where again there is a betterment with the weaker being killed or bred out of existence.

It is no coincidence that the truth of human evolution is the complete opposite.

We came from the body of God and that is where we will all return (eventually) by aligning ourselves to our Soul, the light of God we are originally from. Therefore our evolution is not to go out or become anything we are not, but to return back to who we truly are.

"We are Divine, we are by choice not living it and, our evolution is to re-discover that, that very fact, and then set forth to re-imprint our whole way of being by expressing what and who we truly are."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time, ed 1, p 212

So the first big understanding about evolution is that it is a RETURN to who we truly are and in that, that we are already everything. Therefore, the question arises if we are not living who we truly are, what are we living and why?

In a nutshell, we have two choices of energy to align to and express from and these are 1) Fire (Soul) or 2) prana (spirit).

Who we truly are is an expression of our Soul and our evolution is to return to that.

It is really that simple, although we are skilled at making it more complicated.

Our Soul (the one Soul) is a body of pure love, joy, harmony, truth and stillness .

Clearly, we witness rape, murder, paedophilia, greed, abuse, corruption, lies, misery and many vile and disharmonious behaviours on this planet as well as many seemingly good behaviours that are not so truly good at all.

As the below audio presents everything which includes both Divinity on an unfathomable scale as well as every possible thought, desire and behaviour passes through us all and:

“Evolution is what you will choose from all that is passing through you, very simple.”

Which really brings us to question why would we choose the lesser if we also have the magnificently grander passing through us?

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What is evolution and what does it mean?

Have you ever wondered what evolution really means and what it is that truly evolves us? Find out more in this audio.

"Evolution, that is, its true measure or degree with regard to the actual evolutionary movement we all belong to, is not, never has been and will not ever be about material progress but all about how we relate with one another, what type of intelligence we draw our intelligence from and the type and quality of wisdom we construct societal life with. Add to that the real and true quality of what love is in expression and then, and only then will you have a true gauge of evolution – where we all as one truly sit with regard to our inevitable return to Soul."

Serge Benhayon Time Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us, ed 1, p 77

We don’t only lie about evolution as being something or a state of being that we attain, but we also make it out to be connected to external things whether they be the tallest building, latest iPhone, greatest movie, latest cure or breakthrough and yet conveniently ignore all the ill health, obesity, domestic violence, paedophilia, violence and other non-soulful anti evolutionary behaviour that abounds.

In the next audio Serge Benhayon presents:

“if we still have domestic violence, if we still have weaponry, if we still can’t get on, if there’s still comparison and jealousy – we haven’t evolved. So that’s what we’ve got to knock out. We’ve got to knock out the obstacles that keep us thinking we’re ok when in fact it’s not ok until everyone is equally ok.”

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Evolution is a living way

There is far more to evolution than technological advancement.

Continuing on the understanding that Evolution is a return and not about something external, here is a short passage from Serge Benhayon’s first book “The Way It Is” that further spells it out:

“A short reflection of our history will show that spears and arrows, the savage tools of destruction of the so-called savages of the past, are today replaced with missiles and bullets to name but a small so-called advancement. Both the missile and the bullet are far more devastating to another fellow human being than were the arrows and spears of the savages. As you can see, the savage, so-called, has now become more savage and not less. This is not in-truth Evolution, but instead it is pure Involution, where the same violent and separative manner of ill-thought has deepened and thus become far more sophisticated in its evil intent, not less.

We need to realise and awaken from the evil belief system that has man spellbound by the ill-thought that he has evolved because he has developed the material outer into a modern-looking world. Man takes more pride over his technological advancements than he does over improving all human affairs and right relationship within mankind. This is pure Illusion.

It is clear then that the consciousness has not evolved; it has shifted its expression into a different form, which in-truth is far more devastating in its evil and destructive manner. Consider that the reason for war today is far more sinister and sophisticated than in the past, however, it is still the same old consciousness.

Our modern world is not all bad. There are many individuals who have awakened and stepped into the path of the true inner-light. They stand greater in number today than ever before. We speak here of truth in service from the inner-light and not of the emotional do-gooder who, in-truth, is more reactive than proactive. There are many pockets of great points of light all over the world, but as a whole One-Humanity this is yet not so. As mankind is one, the question is thus posed: have we truly evolved or have we involved along the same line? Ponder on this.

Evolution in-truth is about the development of the consciousness so that the expressing vehicle emanates its inner qualities.

Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is, ed 2, p 124-125

While we may well have all the so-called wonders of technical advancement by way of fast cars, fancy planes and every gadget imaginable that promises to simplify our existence and buy us more time, if you scratch beneath the surface you will find that we still have the misery, the suffering, the tension, the angst and ironically very little time to get everything done in our day before we collapse at the end of it all in an exhausted heap in front of a screen within the comfortable nests we have built ourselves to seemingly escape from it all.

The truth is that such deep unrest stems from the fact that we have drifted quite a substantial distance from our true resting state. Hence all the vices we have adopted and moved into place to ‘cope’ with this separation by way of substances such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, excess work, overeating etc. that provide the necessary buffer so we do not have to feel the underlying tension and angst we are living with on a daily basis.

"Consider that many put up with the utterly abhorrent torment of family and or relationship abuse. Carry that abuse over to the workplace, add in the bullying and the systems that are designed to make the systems look good but in fact fail humanity, and presto, you have the sum total of a not so evolved species carrying on as if they were mightily evolved.

Of course, if you are in any way ignorant to any of this then take a closer look at human life, then subtract its stimulants, depressants, distractions and its many, many forms of entertainment which are in-truth further distractions from reality, and you have a species that can barely handle its own making if it were not for its must-have remedies and or forms to numb, dull, escape and check-out from it all.

You want it more bluntly?

If we are so advanced and evolved why do we need so much indulgence and in-truth numbing to escape life?"

Serge Benhayon Time Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us, ed 1, p 236

A big first evolutionary step is to be honest with ourselves and not subscribe to the lies of betterment when it is plain to see that all is not well in our world and our bodies.

Another step is acceptance by way of an unfoldment of that which already is, as presented in the audio below:

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Acceptance is the gateway to evolution

The more accepting we are of ourselves and others the more we evolve.

Another practical support is offered to us by The Four Pillars of Evolution as presented by Serge Benhayon:

"The Four Pillars of Evolution in their most basic outline:

Knowing there is exponentially much more than physicality

The two of us and or the sum of us is what life and evolution are all about

To observe all movement and receive its messages in full

Let the world know you are Divine"

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness, Volume III, ed 1, p 431

You can read more about the The Four Pillars of Evolution here:

As Awareness the first pillar of evolution tells us, there is so much more to life than the physicality.

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Life is more than what it appears to be

Have you ever tried to recreate a special moment and found you couldn’t? This audio presents how our Evolution works and offers an expansion versus a repetition.

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Evolution in a nutshell

We are here to evolve, but first we need to understand what evolution means and why we avoid it.

Our pathway home to the eternal love and wisdom of the Soul’s Fire is a cyclic one that supports us to discard the spiritual tastes for human-based creation we have acquired, if we so choose. Just as the moon revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the sun, so too are we revolving and thus evolving under the blessing of the ceaseless cycles of life.

This unfolding nature is revealed through the original meaning of the word evolution that comes from the Latin word evolvere meaning ‘to un roll’. To un roll something is quite literally the process of ‘opening out what was once rolled up’ suggesting that we are to unfold, uncurl, unravel something that is already existing within us (that has been bound up) in much the same way the rose gently unfurls its petals from the tightly closed bud to reveal the exquisite aroma of its essence – a process aided by the warmth of the sun’s rays that here symbolise the warmth of the Soul’s Fire that we are returning to, in full expression.

Evolvere is closely linked to the Latin word revolvere (revolution), which means to ‘roll back’ and further confirms the fact that we are going around and around in circles back to an originally derived point and not actually going anywhere in the lineal sense as we are erroneously led to believe that we are.

In fact, it will take many, many more turns (revolutions) of the earth before we as a collective return to our original design and leave the human created world behind. Our task until then is to devote ourselves to living in a way that supports us to arrest the imprisoning cycles of behaviour we have allowed ourselves to become bound by so that we are free to move unrestricted by such burdens in this plane of life. By doing so we are able to transmute the seeming hardship of life back into the simplicity of the love that we are, so that what we live on earth, is equal to that which is truly heavenly – an esoteric teaching that has been around since time began.

“As is above, so too is below” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

“As God is, so too we are” ~ Serge Benhayon

Interestingly, if you look closely you can see that the word ‘love’ appears backward in the word evolution – a playful reminder that we are here to re-turn to the vastness of this love in its full embodiment. To do this we must render the human etheric spirit naught so that this separated aspect of ourselves dissolves back into the light of the Soul it (we) originally drifted from.

"The path forward is in fact a path back and not forward at all. This is why we live on a planet that goes nowhere but around and around the Sun. The only way out is up, and not forward, for there is no such thing as forward when one is in endless elliptical movements.

Consequently and in revelation: –

If all that is known at the end of the journey is already known at the beginning, our evolution is one of releasing what is already there and therefore we are walking over many lives to redevelop an awareness of who we truly are until we claim it and release it in full."

Serge Benhayon The Way of The Livingness, Sermons 12-17, ed 1, p 28

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Nicola Lessing and Liane Mandalis

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