What if time does not move but measures our evolution as we move around the sun?

If Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity revolutionised how physicists and people in general view time and space, then Serge Benhayon’s treatise on time, part of the trilogy ‘Time, Space and all of us’, will make, at the very least, even empiricists and sceptics scratch their heads.

Does Time Exist?

What is it? How is it? WHY is it?

Is Time our ally or our enemy?

Is there enough of Time or a serious deficit?

Can Time tell? What will it tell?

Are we pressed for it, killing it or in a race against it?

Does it fly?

Are we living on borrowed Time or taking our Time?

Is it about Time?

Isn’t it high time we get our facts right about Time?

If you thought time tells you when to get up, go to work, catch a train, meet your dinner date, think again… Yes, true, we do use it for all the above so we know where we are in relation to the sun in a given day and we don’t miss the train or the date, but enter the Ageless Wisdom via Serge Benhayon in the first book of the trilogy ‘Time, Space and all of us’, titled ‘Time’, for a dose of the real meaning and true purpose of time.

“Time measures our relationship with our orbits around the Sun.” SB

In layman’s language, Time is our oracle, enlightening us as to exactly where we are on the spherical conveyor belt of evolution, but also revealing to us the treadmill of involution we’ve been merrily sweating on, smelling of excess pride and arrogance.

Time is a true marker of our movement and the greatest aid in our evolutionary process.

Serge Benhayon, the author of this piece of bona fide science, has a way of explaining the physics that makes him the most eloquent but not necessarily the most popular communicator (only amongst some); nevertheless, another’s choice has neither stalled nor stopped Serge’s love of science – nor his artful authority and great command of it.

Here for example is one such expression that may earn him an ‘unpopular’ sticker on the linear thinkers’ list:

“Time is actually a measure of a backward movement and not in-truth a forward one as we have been misled to perceive.” SB

Time indeed does not move. We do. Time assists us in measuring the quality of that movement. Ever seen Groundhog Day? How many times can one go back and step into the same water-filled ditch before one learns to go around it?

What if time is not about moving forward? What if our future is our past? A very distant past. In fact, a past so far remote from our particles that a particular consciousness is orchestrating them to dance to a discordant and destructive tune.

There’s a ‘chaos theory’ for you! No longer a theory either – we know we are in chaos just by glancing at the daily news around the globe.

In this book Serge sheds much light on the revelations that physics is yet not touching on the depth of the Universe, even with all the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments available, such as the CERN Large Hadron Collider, for example.

Recently, LIGO, the $1bn observatory in America, proved something predicted by Einstein some 100 years ago, the existence of gravitational waves — ripples in space/time.

The significance of this discovery is seen as enormous in scientific circles and described as history in the making, even ‘a totally new era for mankind’, perhaps on a par with the advent of Galileo’s telescope! It is claimed that with this technology we’ll be able to have an entirely new image of the universe, allowing us to peer into the very origins of matter and time.

Yet, how does Serge Benhayon, without a single machine or a hand-full of dollars-worth telescope let alone a $1bn observatory, do it? What connections (on speed dial), at zero cost to our economies, does he have in higher places that we are by and large not showing willingness to hear or consider? Yet it is all there in front of us, or perhaps behind us, depending where on the orbit one is or where one is looking from.

After 442 pages (or even much sooner for some?) you will never look at your watch with the same eyes or hear the tick-tock with the same ears. This book has sledge-hammered the time we thought we knew.

The final 150 pages plus I didn’t read – I gobbled them!

If someone had told me I’d be turning pages faster than a wind turbine, in a book where plot does not thicken but instead gets more and more transparent, I would have lost a substantial bet.

Read this book one must. Love it or even agree with it – one need not. By the sound of the book, we all get there … in time. Though not necessarily on time. Delay is our game.

All that is left for us to ask is ––– is this, the-no-degree-in-science-man Serge Benhayon, on to something revolutionary here … and something beyond the consciousness so many of us are currently being conduits for, but something we can and eventually shall ALL return to?

Well, we know who – or rather WHAT – will tell.

This remarkable book puts Time where it rightly belongs – back in our medicinal cabinet, hence perhaps the saying “Time is a great healer”, only not in the context we use it (to forget, forgive, get over things…) but by the virtue of the fact that we are constantly and consistently being offered opportunity after opportunity to see the game of energy so that the ‘big fat lie’ about where we come from and where we are going, which we have all swallowed deeply, can be purged once and for all.

The medicinal aspect of time on offer is how many tick-tocks around the Sun will it take for each of us individually and for us as One Humanity to break the shackles of the intelligence that is not so intelligent, yet intelligent enough to have most of us on puppet strings.

Nothing goes away with time – like a boomerang all our choices may ‘drift away’ temporarily, only to, with time, be brought back again and hit us (when we least expect it) at the back of the head so we can learn to master that which we need to, as a part of our inextricable evolutionary curriculum.

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  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

    Dragana loves Science. She absolutely fell in love with Serge Benhayon’s teachings because he makes science applicable to every day life and accessible to everyday people. Serge makes understanding science easier than spreading warm butter on toast!

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd