The Way of The Livingness before and after: Angela Perin

I am learning to appreciate and celebrate that I am Angela, a woman first and foremost – which has nothing to do with outward beauty or the way I look, but the way I care for myself and honour what I feel in my body, in preference to the whole string of ideals and beliefs that come from my head.

While I still do lots of activities (i.e. as a ‘mother’, a ‘book-keeper’, or a ‘business partner’ etc), I no longer experience the constant pressure on myself to perform that I used to in my effort to perfect these roles and meet pre-set expectations – which for me at the time resulted in a life of stress, complication and running on nervous energy.

I have worked in my own business for over 2 decades and, after all this time, am finally beginning to appreciate and enjoy what I do every day (book-keeping and office administration) instead of it feeling like a chore – to the extent I am doing some study to support this skill and to be able to expand it into a service I can offer to others.

I am learning to appreciate and simply enjoy hanging out with my 3 beautiful daughters (aged 20, 17 & 15), and I am loving developing a deeper relationship with myself after separating from a 20+ year marriage, wherein my ex and I are still working a business together and currently living in the same house.

"At the age of 48, I am feeling more beautiful, sexier and more comfortable in my body than I have ever felt"

In summary, inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I am finally learning to love the true me.

If you feel inspired by Angela’s transformation, the Women's Sphere offers much about honouring and celebrating the nurturing beauty in every woman.

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  • By Angela Perin, Dip T (E.C.E.), B. Ed (E.C.E.)

    Angela Perin is an administrative professional with a passion for detail, systems and processes which support to bring simplicity to life, projects and people. She has a deep love for, and commitment, to bringing people together to work in common purpose.