Learning to breathe again – thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

From making loving changes in her life, Zoe was able to finally breathe easily once again.

Learning to breathe again – thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

I grew up in the bush with lots of open spaces and the Barron River to explore in all its glory, fresh vegies from the garden and our own chooks and pigs... it was a great natural environment but also in no way perfect.

There was also our crazy family life, and all that is entailed growing up in a world and education system that does not truly support the loving growth and development of our young.

Despite my ‘healthy’ environment, for most of my childhood, teens, 20s and midway through my 30s I suffered from asthma and upper respiratory tract issues, including chronic sinus congestion and really bad hay fever. I could never breathe through my nose and always sounded nasally like I had a cold, but I wasn’t sick.

In my early teens I had three sinus operations, all in the attempt to clear things in there… what a disaster that was! The operations were supposed to clear the nasal passages and drain the sinuses; there was momentary relief but the trauma of the operations and the scar tissue that remained was disappointing. Nothing changed… in fact nothing I did (and I searched) really did anything, except I did make the (very) obvious connection that dairy exacerbated the whole situation. I could give up milk, but for many years lied to myself with the idea that butter and a bit of yoghurt was okay.

I remember going to my first Heart Chakra workshop presented by Serge Benhayon in Bangalow – I would have been around 33 years old. To set the stage: I had a big aversion to anything Spiritual New Age as I had been dragged around to all sorts of ‘healers’ when I was young – including acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists – so my going to something that was called Heart Chakra 1 was big. But when I got there it didn’t seem ‘hippy dippy’, or to drip with New Age ‘Nag Champa’ energy (if you grew up in the 70s with hippy parents you would know what I mean here – the heady thick smell of Indian incense).

Right from the beginning of the workshop this guy made sense; he was speaking of things that made my whole body nod. All was good until we got to a point of doing a Gentle Breath Meditation, which involved breathing through my nose – a nose that was blocked and internally scarred.

Serge was walking around the room so I called him over and just said outright: “I won’t be able to do this. I really can’t breathe through my nose at all!” He warmly said: “Give it a go, you will be able to, just go very gentle”. I thought: “He really doesn’t know how bad my congestion is!” Well the fact was, Serge was right, as when I began to settle and let go of my resistance (decades built) a gentle cool breath was just able to enter the tip of my nostrils. It was noisy coming out but it was an amazing start.

From this point on things only improved and improved – the more I began to contemplate how I was living and running my body.

As I began to embrace the simple philosophies of the Universal Medicine teachings, I started to heal from the inside out. This did not happen by taking anything or doing anything, but by gradually becoming more self-caring and self-loving and by building my energetic awareness; that is listening to my innate wisdom from my body and not my mind. My diet changed, I no longer could ignore the effect of butter, yoghurt, gluten and alcohol. The way I studied, worked, exercised, the way I was with the kids… basically everything started to shift.

The mind is easily filled with ideals, beliefs and knowledge that are devoid of love; all of this distracts from the constant communication we can be receiving from the body and the world around us. In this distraction I was not able to question, ponder and deepen my understanding of the root cause of my dis-ease. I simply stayed in a vicious cycle of searching for solutions that didn’t help me take greater responsibility around the everyday choices I was making that were causing the dis-ease in my body.

So, what has changed?

  • I wake in the morning without sneezing ten times (this is such a blessing!) or with a sore dry throat from all the mouth breathing.

  • I do not have to carry around a tissue box (and a plastic bag to contain all the tissues)

  • The previous environmental triggers like dust, cats and pollen only have a small effect and not the disastrous consequences like in the past.

  • I don’t suffer asthma.

  • I am gaining more vitality as I age!

  • The above are the obvious physical transformations but there is so much in how I live, connect with others and the greater world that is the real miracle.

It may not seem like a huge thing that I have cleared from my body, but for those of who you have never experienced hay fever and sinus problems, it can make you feel totally drugged out with lots of sneezing and feeling inflamed, irritated, foggy and in pain. So the changes I have made, and continue to unfold and deepen in my life, are miraculous. I am not just talking physical changes, but the openness and feeling of more freedom in my body to live who I am.

Through my commitment to exposing the way I had been living and with the support of Universal Medicine teachings, practitioners, Serge Benhayon, and the Universal Medicine community, I am, today asthma free and very rarely suffer hay fever or sinus congestion… and if I do, I know exactly why.

Published 17.12.2017

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  • By Zoe Sherrin, Naturopath

    Naturopath, nutrition lecturer, practitioner, student of The Ageless Wisdom and mother