A changed attitude to life – no more feelings of deep grief

Reading The Way It Is has helped to clear this reader’s deep grief.

A changed attitude to life – no more feelings of deep grief

My first introduction to Serge Benhayon was through his book The Way It Is, given to me by a friend. I found the book very hard to read and kept falling asleep whilst reading it. I would read a few pages and understand what I had just read but moments later I couldn’t recall what I had read.

Then I came across one line, which changed my life forever: “This is the inner-sadness and deep grief that most experience on earth today.” (p 212)

I had been feeling that deep grief off and on all of my life and nowhere within my searching for the truth had any of the spiritual teachers mentioned this deep grief. It was at that point that I told my husband and a close friend about Serge and I knew I had to meet him.

I went to a one-day talk in London presented by Serge Benhayon and was not disappointed. I came away with a feeling that something significant had just happened to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was like reading the book – I knew what I’d heard was the truth but my mind couldn’t comprehend or recall what it had heard. I needed time to process what I had just experienced.

That was eight years ago and a lot has changed for me and my life, i.e. health, anxiety, weight loss, relationships, work, attitude to life and I no longer suffer those overwhelming episodes of deep grief.

The support my family and myself have received from Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team over the years has been the most precious gift anyone could ever receive.

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  • By Julie Matson