The Way It Is, a way of writing that invites a deeper exploration of self.

Ah yes… the books by Serge Benhayon! Funny how it took me a while to pick up the first one… The Way It Is… as it sat by my bedside beckoning my enquiry.

It was as though I was resisting my own unfolding, like I didn’t really want to know the way it was!!! Yet there it was in the deepest purple, smiling at me each night with a grin that saw through to my heart, knowing that my very choice to have purchased it and then leave it so close to me each night was that I really did have some inkling about The Way It Was, and a deeper yearning to know more.

Although at first some of the words and concepts escaped my understanding, what I began to notice was that even if I opened the book to read one paragraph, a page or a chapter, I was always left with a feeling in my body that would stay with me well after I had read the words. There was a certain quality about the way Serge wrote that invited a deeper exploration of self.

“If we were to stop and be still for longer periods, we would feel ourselves more, which means that we would all have to deal with what is not truth and this for many is just too difficult. The busy way of life is a great distraction and in doing so, we do not have to look at what is our true present state, which would mean evaluating the true quality of our energetic state of being.”

Serge Benhayon The Way It Is, p 250

It started to make a lot of sense and as I continued to read and at times re-read, it became obvious to me that I was in fact relearning a way of understanding the energy of words and language and the power they carry. It also allowed me to stop and consider what was distracting me from my own stillness.

There was a sense of offering me, the reader, an opportunity to be part of my own development through the many questions posed within the chapters… and as the answers came it dawned on me that I was in fact contributing to my own evolution by the very nature of what I was learning and applying in my everyday life. This also inspired and impacted those around me as they observed and began to ask their own questions about the amazing changes they were witnessing within me. And this I feel is the magic of these purple coloured books, that they are written for each and every one of us equally, reflecting the great possibility we all hold as teachers to inspire each other…

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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  • By Christina Caplice

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd