The stars and the universe are within, no external mode of transport required

My tryst with Serge Benhayon’s purple books began a few years ago; and each time I turn a page it’s as if I enter a world that I always knew existed before I ever came to these books.

A world that is unseen and yet has the power to connect me back to myself in an instant.

The times I need answers, or the times I am challenged as to how I am to be in this world – all those seemingly insurmountable tough days in life, in relationships, at work etc. that daunt me – get transformed magically the moment I reach out for one of these books.

These books have greatly assisted me in deepening my relationship with the true part of me, which in turn has given me the keys to live life with responsibility and awareness.

Each book contains a wisdom that is far more ancient than one can imagine and yet it feels very practical and makes me long to live them absolutely, on a daily basis.

These books have been my stars that have guided me back to me each time I felt lost and purposeless, and in fact through them I have only deepened my connection to the vast universe all around.

These books have humbled me, have made me truer in my expressions with the world outside, and thus constantly keep reflecting the greatness of where we all come from.

As someone who has always looked up at the stars and knew the connection I felt with them, I am now able to journey to them each time I read one of these books. For me personally I am constantly inspired by these books and by the author himself on a level that is far beyond mere words. I am eternally grateful for these books!

This tryst with Serge Benhayon’s books began soon after I met him for the very first time in June 2012; and it was as if something was deeply re-ignited within me from that moment onwards!

At first glance Serge Benhayon’s purple books look and feel very serious – books that perhaps could have been written by an intellectual or an academic. My very first book – The Way It Is – actually made me realise what it is I had been longing to read all my life. But upon turning a few pages one realises – or at least I realised immediately – that this is no ordinary book. This book is far beyond the work of a highly qualified individual or author. To me right away the book felt as if it was being written from the deepest connection one could have within and on the outside with the stars above us!

It was as if I had entered a world that I always knew existed and was somehow seeking to unlock the door to its realm – waiting for someone to actually put it all in tangible words of a very real and pulsating, felt but unseen (as yet for most amongst us) reality. This was something that I deeply knew, as I had never stopped looking up at the stars in the night sky asking some invisible force to show me what it is I kept on feeling, no matter how much I had tried over the years/decades to numb or distract myself away from it.

Yet, I have never been one to take anything for granted… I have always been impulsed in my life to go deeper – to look deeper for answers that I couldn’t get whilst growing up at home across different countries and cities, in classrooms, on sports fields, in Buddhist monasteries and temples, on mountain peaks or in books that I read and devoured by the hundreds throughout my years … Books that formed me, informed me, misinformed me and became my escape from the world, and yet there was always something missing.

Je ne sais quoi but perhaps I had been looking for a book that was written by an author who was not after personal glory, not in for the accolades or reviews or numbers but rather with the single-minded purpose of reflecting the truth of who we really are or what our true purpose here as a race of beings is.

The Way It Is is one of the most profound page turners that I first read in 2012 and there was a sense of ‘coming home’ that I experienced in my innermost core as I kept reading chapter after chapter …

It was here in this book that I began to form a relationship with aspects of Energy, Choices and Responsibility. These I realised were not mere words or sentences, as each aspect of what Serge wrote in this book began to slowly, steadily and surely resonate within the walls of my inner consciousness.

For far too long back, as I can remember, I have been seeking THE WAY and in this seeking I remember treading a few spiritual paths that I came upon, little realising that they were all taking me further away from myself, making me arrogant in the knowledge those paths kept giving me as I merrily kept taking them into my consciousness. Only to realise at some point that these books I was reading, these spiritual paths that I had been walking upon, were but a mere speck of the Truth that Humanity comes from and belongs to.

When I started to read The Way It Is, I literally had to work upon shedding all that knowledge that I had acquired earlier on from all the accumulation of reading over the years; instead I began to feel my way through this book. For the first time ever in my life I could sense a Greatness and a Vastness that both scared me and yet drew me deeper and deeper into those pools of wisdom that Serge had packaged into words, sentences, chapters and pages upon pages in The Way It Is.

It was as if I had to stay aware to get out of the way, so to speak, to be able to truly understand and take in what this book was showing me, reflecting upon me and asking of me at every turn.

One thing that I noticed was that, although I had labelled myself earlier on as a ‘voracious’ reader, I was just unable to plough through this book as I had done with many other books and the reason, now that I know, is this –– this book, as are all of Serge’s books, has been written with a great deal of appreciation for Humanity and the challenges it faces on this planet on a daily existential basis, and at the same time with a powerful humility and acceptance of the fact that we are all One!

They have been written knowing full well the aligned purpose of one’s life (in this case the author’s); written in pure service to awaken humanity rather than adding to the pool of deepening slumber and illusion that pervades our planet at present like some contagious illness.

So for me to read it in the manner I had read all other books in my life – whether fiction or non-fiction – was virtually impossible as I had to reconfigure my own thoughts, deconstruct the self-created illusion in me and around me, challenge myself further to go beyond those beliefs and ideals that I found were yet deeply buried and ingrained in me and with each breaking through of that arrogant and protective wall that I had created around me, I was one step closer in understanding the profundity of what The Way It Is was offering to me.

By the time I had finished reading this book, a few months down the line, I was thirsting for more and that’s when I bought The Way of Initiation – one of the greatest books for all of Humanity if I can say so.

In fact, one of the most profound sentences that stand out for me in this magnificent book is –

"Esoterically – our true Evolution is to return to the body of fiery light we once came from.

It is really that simple. We are here to reconnect to our inner-most so that we can feel who we truly are and bring that truth to the outer world so that all others can know who they truly are. This is how brotherhood will be restored. It begins with you!"

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed. 3, p 154

To feel deeply into these words time and again is a mantra for the ages, a wisdom from the stars, a knowing from the past.

Reading this book at a time when I was going through one of life’s great challenges (yet again) in the years 2013/2014, not only supported me but also became a steady and powerful rhythm in my daily life at that time.

One key aspect that I clocked eventually at some point was this: if I was disconnected from what it is that I chose to not feel on any given day, if I chose to go into my ill patterns instead of allowing my true nature to play out – whether at work with my colleagues or in my personal life in any manner shape or form – then turning a page was literally impossible. I realised I could not use this book as an escape.

Amazing to sense and feel that The Way of Initiation actually initiates the reader into far greater responsibility and awareness like never before. Serge Benhayon in this book has detailed the ‘Keys of Initiation’ that are a powerful set of keys to unlock the door within to greater universal knowing. How cool and simply magical is that!

From this book I began to slowly return and remember times long ago lived and yet forgotten and yet the truth of it all had always been pulsating within me as each of the five keys of initiation began to re-awaken a part of me that I had always been longing to feel.

Taking in page after page on the path to deeper awareness brought home to me this fact that finally I had come upon a path that was not only evolutionary in its essence but also belonged to The Truth of the Highest Order in the Cosmos. A path that was not a path but The Livingness of The Way itself.

The Way of Initiation offers the 5 keys – Energetic Quality, Intention, Energetic Integrity, Energetic Awareness and The Law of Expression. And these are not some intellectually interpreted concepts but keys that in their essence are very practical and, if allowed to deeply soak in, are meant to change the way we live; meant to show us a divine purpose to our lives beyond just so-called technological advances or scientific/medical inventions to prolong life on the planet, or even look for life on other planets. These Keys of Initiation actually highlight the ridiculousness of humanity wanting and striving for creating life if not seeking life on another planet, when we haven’t been able to get this one here on Planet Earth right at all.

My appreciation of the man who wrote this only began to deepen each and every time as I began to steadily understand and started to once again live according to these keys, these laws that I knew for sure belonged to a higher order, were part of a grand design that was unfathomable and yet easy to follow and simple to live by, if one so chooses.

I for sure have chosen to do this, in spite of the numerous obstacles I myself had created and kept creating, and in spite of the challenges the world outside kept bringing my way to make me falter, give up, turn back.

But not this time, for this time I not only had The Way of Initiation to guide me, but I personally also had begun to deepen my relationship with the author of the book. From the time I first met him I always knew that we knew each other deeply and so, as I began to work on my inner relationship with me, honour my inner intimacy, our mutual connection began to further deepen over time.

I could also see and feel what Serge Benhayon – as an individual, as just another ordinary guy and yet Super Extraordinary in his responsibility and movements, as a husband, father, friend, mentor, philosopher, author, practitioner – was reflecting to not just me but every other reader who picked up his books. This time I knew an author who actually walked the talk and talked the walk – a man who lives with the highest integrity that I have ever come across in my lifetime so far and yet a man who lives every aspect of life in the fullness that has now been inspiring me each day every day …

I always knew that there was something far beyond than just: ‘We live on Earth, we spend our lives ticking boxes, and then we die!’, and this was only further confirmed to me the day I began to read ‘Time, Space and all of us' – a trilogy of books that for me, metaphorically, was nothing but the true Star Wars. I have so far read two of the three books and I cannot wait to get my hands on the third book of this trilogy. But in reading ‘Time, Space and all of us – Time’… and ‘Time, Space and all of us – Space’… I have been simply blown away by the awesome multidimensional vastness that Serge has brought through here. There is truly a battle being fought at a level that most of us are unaware of –– and it’s Time for us to awaken to the fact that the Eternal Battle between the Lies and Truth is constant and never-ending on this realm.

Reading Serge Benhayon’s books has only heightened my urgency if for nothing else but to be able to live Life being more aware and more responsible and guess what – the more I do this each day, the more it has assisted me in healing the hurts of lifetimes, assisted me in dealing with my prejudices and judgments that I have held as an armour to not allow the world in and let them see who I truly am. And as I journey further into my own tenderness and true nature, my inner eyes open up to compassion for the world. The Power of Observation, as I understand it, has nothing to do with my eyes but everything to do with how I feel each moment.

Reading these books has taught me about the true meaning of Brotherhood, about Relationships on a level that I wish I had grown up with in my home or school days, however I am filled with Joy just knowing that someday soon in the future, this will be the norm.

These books will be lived practically and in a few hundred years I can already see that humanity will have changed its course and parenting and education will use the teachings from these books and this man to get there.

In fact – and this is a veritable fact – everything that Serge Benhayon has written in these books already comes from an Ageless Wisdom that was practised throughout the Ages, in every era throughout time, under the Great Pyramids, in the Great Hall of Alexandria, in the True Teachings of Hermes, Hercules, Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali, Pythagoras, Yeshua, Mohammad, Zarathushtra and others. It is pretty cool to sense, when reading Serge Benhayon’s books, that we actually know all this: some of us have even lived through this and so it’s once again time to Live, Reflect and Inspire.

Thus, my relationship with the vast Universe is ever expanding and my journey to the stars is not a quest but a deepening ...

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  • By Chetan Jha

  • Photography: Steffi Henn