Astrology – is it our true relationship with the stars and constellations?

Have you ever struggled with your relationship to astrology? Did you reject it as nonsense the first moment you heard about it? Or perhaps you 'dipped a toe in' and pulled back, feeling that it's not for you? Did you embrace it as an important subject for life, but you keep finding that how you are 'supposed to be' is different from how you know yourself to be?

Perhaps you concluded there must be something wrong with astrology (or you). No matter what your attitude to astrology, do you get the nagging feeling that there ought to be something more there but it has been obscured by a fog of meaningless tradition and ingrained beliefs standing in the way of the truth?

By way of example, here’s one person’s experience:

After feeling confused (as above) I had a couple of astrological consultations to see what would emerge. More confusion, more questions. Eventually I thought: right, it's time to dive in and really work this out by myself, find out what's going on with astrology. I spent 3 months with my natal chart and all the squares, trines, opposites, conjunctions, houses, asteroid goddesses and whatnots. I sensed that some of it resonated, but the contradictions were very obvious and discordant with who I knew myself to be. I sought the opinions of various 'experts' on what it was all supposed to mean. I came out the end with fat dossiers of data but no less confusion than at the beginning!

As a result, I just went back to astronomy and the simple true position of loving the stars and constellations as they are. They were far more to me than enormous balls of gas and the outpouring of energy released from the heart of their atoms. I felt and continue to feel awesome in communion with them, knowing there is something special about my (and all of our) relationships with all of them. I was aware of a seemingly unbridgeable gap here between the precise, scientific knowledge of astronomy that held the stars at a distance from human life, and my own experience of feeling them to be conscious, intelligent friends among whom I had a place.

Astrology in no way filled this gap. It made the stars and constellations into lifeless, incidental masters that pull us here and there like objects, with prescriptive rules about how we ought to be. There was still a coldness and a sense of division between ‘us and them’.

These are the kinds of questions that can arise while contemplating the truth of astrology:

  1. How come the different aspects of a person’s natal chart can say completely contradictory things? How can they possibly be all true? For example, one planet in a particular constellation might indicate that we’re easy-going, people-loving, and a good communicator, while another planet in another constellation might indicate that we’re too serious and controlling, awkward around people and don't express very well. Add up that kind of contradiction over all the planets in their constellations, and our natal charts may seem to be saying that we have multiple personality disorder!

  2. Since the stars are not in the same relative places as they were when astrology got going, not really in the places on the astrological charts we use, how can the results of using that data be anything but irrelevant now? This is important to consider because constellations are a form of geometry that communicates through shape and the relationship of parts. That communication does and must change as the Universe expands and all its parts move through their cycles, which means we also expand and move in relation to the stars. Thank heavens we do not stay the same all our lives!

  3. How can our dominant characteristics be set by one constellation at the moment of our birth, when the most physical form of light – what we know as the electromagnetic spectrum – is passing through us all the time, from conception onwards (and even before conception due to the influence on our parents' bodies), from ALL the stars as well as from all the planets, galaxies and nebulae? What about energies of which modern science knows nothing yet?

  4. What about the fact that the electromagnetic light from stars reaches us from a vast range of past times (due to stars being different numbers of light years away)? Furthermore, all quantum energies of the stars and space, independent of time and distance, are also all passing through us, communicating to us...

  5. So how can a single constellation (or several) at one particular time (our birth) 'make us' who we are? Moreover, even that single constellation contains many stars of different ages, different light frequencies, different distances and thus different times in the past of the light reaching us. Would not that make for both a very confused and very limited influence of our so-called 'birth signs' upon us?

  6. What if we feel ourselves to be bigger and more all-encompassing than all of it?

Our physical bodies are designed to be intensely imprinted by our physical environment, which includes all energies impinging upon us.

It's part of becoming 'locally adapted', developing to fit the environment (region, whole planet) in which we are to grow up and live. The configurations of the stars are part of that environment. From well before we are conceived, through the stage of developing in the womb to our birth, the overall sea of vibrations of all the stars and constellations in the sky will influence the development of our bodies. However it will also continue after birth during the highly imprintable time of babyhood when our bodies are super responsive to all energy inputs.

It is known by scientists who study the nervous system that each brief experience (aka energy configuration) in babyhood causes 'hard-wiring' in the brain. That is, the physical, anatomical connections between nerve cells and between nerves and the rest of the body are given a structural, functional foundation by each experience. This forms the foundation for what we are like, how we feel, respond, react and behave throughout our lives. Hence the incredible importance of how babies and children are treated and what they are exposed to. Our neuroplasticity is super-responsive when young, but it never actually stops responding. And neuroplasticity only considers our nerve cells – what about all the other cells in our bodies?

Quite simply, from in-utero life to old age, we are in a constant state of flux, our tissues, cells, and particles adapting to everything around us including the most subtle of energetic signals. That our mind does not register them is in no small part related to the clamour of human life: the cacophony of artificial noise, light, touch, smell and taste that dulls our senses to all but the most extreme of signals. Regardless, those signals are there – and our bodies respond.

Given that energy is pouring into us all the time including from the stars, and that our bodies are built to respond to energy, our biology must be affected by the stars. That is one of the simple truths buried in complicated modern astrology and not taken into account by astronomy. But we are more than just individual physical bodies 'set like cement' by a range of influences during our formation. Our physical bodies are made of universal divine particles, part of and obedient to the cycles of the universe and all its stars, planets and beings. We are also souls, so there must be many more levels at which the stars and the whole universe are influencing us. Our relationship with the stars is a constant part of us, but in a way far greater and grander than astrology describes.

After all these years of feeling that astrology doesn't 'cut the mustard', along comes Serge Benhayon to give us a greater and grander science of astrology than anything that has gone before. The stars are not cold and distant objects that adorn the sky and yield fascinating data that allows us to penetrate the great mystery of the past. Nor do the constellations reduce us to a set of contrived personality traits and self-centred relationship stories.

The truth has been laid for those who are willing to follow the subtle yet inescapable call… they are the Universal call to evolution. They communicate all that we need to develop within ourselves and bring to human life for the evolution of all. They dictate nothing, but rather call upon the deeper knowing that has long been dormant in the innermost of us all.

This is a science that matches our feeling of being an unlimited and all-encompassing part and participant in the flow of universal order. A science that feels true, and inspires us to begin a true relationship with the stars and constellations.

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  • By Dianne Trussell, BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    Science is the love of my life, and for me it confirms Divine beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. I’ve always felt science to be one with philosophy, religion, art, and music, part of the oneness I feel with everything.