Books that are timeless and divine; beacons for anyone searching for Truth.

I have purchased all the books published by Serge Benhayon and await his next one quite eagerly – at the same time dipping back into all his earlier books.

I find after reading his material nothing else compares when I read it: Serge’s writings are alive, the language he uses wakes me up and teaches me something with every single sentence. Sometimes I have to put his book down after a short few paragraphs because reading his work is a ‘feeling experience’ and I find I need to walk and digest what I have just experienced.

I feel so blessed to be able to access his books; to know there is someone holding such a divine truth in his body that I am able to feel awakens something similar inside myself. His books are not always easy to read and yet other times they read like the most beautiful poetry, so I have learned they are a great indicator of where I am at within myself.

I see the books by Serge Benhayon on my bookshelf as being the greatest gift I will be able to pass on to my son when I pass over: perhaps he may not read them but hopefully he will know how much I treasured them and keep them and perhaps a grandchild might be impulsed to pick one up off the shelf. The books are timeless and divine so they will carry through the ages as a great beacon for anyone who is searching for the Truth.

I have great love and appreciation for this man Serge Benhayon and the Truth, Love and healing he brings.

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  • By Debra Simpson, Freelance Journalist / Writer

    I am a student of life, from travels, to family, work and difficult life experiences I have always been led back to life being about Love; in the universe, nature, humanity, harmony and who I am within.