Books which deepen us into our awareness

Serge Benhayon’s books deepen our awareness and inspire understanding

Books which deepen us into our awareness

If you read a book, looking to get something out of it, often an author can deliver a concept, a construct or even a theme of tools to make your life feel better (or you feel better about your life).

When you read a purple book written by Serge Benhayon as a scribe for The Hierarchy (ascended beings in the formless realm called Heaven, who work tirelessly with the wisdom of God so that their earthly brothers may too heal and evolve back to the greatness we come from), you're given, repeatedly, the opportunity to deepen into your own awareness.

This is significant because, unlike just an improvement or a shift in the way you look at one area, when you're inspired to deepen your awareness within it sparks a cleansing fire that spreads across every single aspect of your being, relationships and life, simultaneously and equally.

A simple yet profound example of this is to see, with an awakened understanding, the behaviour of people close to us playing out – that often an unwelcome behaviour stems from hurts unbeknown to the person themselves and that, with reading it for what it is and holding another with such understanding, we’re able to live less reactionary and more harmoniously despite the choices of others. This plays out immediately within oneself and our understanding extends or ripples out across to, not only those in close proximity, but way out into the pool of people we call humanity (for if an awareness or learning can be true for myself and another, it is therefore possible for all others).

It is rare that such a thing can be said about a text: a spherical, profound and sustained expansion in awareness is available to anyone who chooses to not shy away from the true inspiration within every page written by Serge Benhayon.

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  • By Oliver Hallock

    I am interested in all things of the inner world. After many years exploring the globe, I now run my own business and love to pursue advancement for both personal and professional reasons in the arena of self-responsibility based health care.