Time and our relationship with it, Part 2

Time and our relationship with it, Part 2

For many of us ‘time’ carries with it a sense of dissatisfaction or sense of un-fulfilment.

In another video presentation on this fascinating subject, hear what Serge Benhayon has to share about why most of us carry an angst, which we perceive, is related to time and discover where it truly stems from.

Serge presents that in his experience as a practitioner working with people all around the world for the past 16 years, our dissatisfactions with time are attributed to not living the ‘real you’ in life. When we do not live the ‘real you’ we develop an angst which often leads to a sense of un-fulfilment.

Serge says, “The key is to be enough in life, rather than place the focus on doing enough.”

He teaches that it is our quality of being that can benefit and improve our fulfilment levels in life.

Running out of time

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  • By Miranda Benhayon