You can change your life – but not in the way you think.

You can change your life – but not in the way you think.

When we are searching for how to lose weight we are sure to find someone declaring “You can change your life”, and it is not long after followed by a sales pitch for the latest diet or exercise programme or a mind-over-matter positive thinking book, course or DVD. If the diet, exercise or positive thinking do not bring the change that is desired it can be frustrating and equally lead us to give up on the possibility of change.

So many of the difficulties we have experienced with our bodies and our selves, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, body image, self-loathing or low self-esteem are all part of not truly feeling who we are on the inside. We let the outside, with all its standards, dominate us and be the thing that runs our life. We are constantly trying to change our lives on the outside – to lose weight, look fitter, change our hair, clothes or car ... the list is endless. There is always the possibility that if we can change a perceived external flaw, or what we feel we lack, then we might be satisfied with the result and life would be better. However, life lived in this way is a prison.

We are trapped in a constant striving to change, in order to measure up and feel OK about ourselves.

If we stop and feel who we really are, in our hearts, we are immeasurably more than our physical appearance and the physical reality of our lives – we are everything in fact. If we start connecting to ourselves we may find that a life lived from our hearts is magnificent and indeed, that we are magnificent.

Perhaps the key is not to change your life but to connect with all you already are.

"If you want to change your life to the true you, start by self-loving and then allow the self-love to take you into your inner-heart where there is no self-love, but love itself. If many do this, society will change. If we want to change the world, do all of the above, and then, apply it to our children."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy, p 290

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Presenting the living truth

When we separate from our essence our body is able to tell us that we are living in a way that is not true or natural for us hence the many illnesses and woes experienced in the world today.

The stories on these pages attest to the fact that it is possible to break down the labels, the ideals and the beliefs of what we think we should be on the outside and to re-connect deeply to our true nature – the loveliness that was there within all along.

What many discover is that if we connect deeply with ourselves we find a more gentle and tender way of being that informs us very differently about ourselves. If we live each day with this expression of gentleness and tenderness for ourselves, we may come to know that the loveliness that we are is so much more than our physical form, although our physical form is an important and essential part of our expression.

We may find that when we are connected we live in a very different way and that we can actually learn to value that quality and feel that it is this quality of loveliness (that we all inherently have), that is truly valuable – it is the only thing that can truly change our lives.

  • Is it possible that if you knew that you were truly valuable and unique, that only you can bring the special quality that is you into the world, then you might want to nurture this quality?

  • Is it possible that connected to this loveliness, the food you choose, the way you exercise and the clothes you might want to wear would all change?

  • Would you care for yourself differently?

When you realise that who you are is valuable and unique, the only way you would want to change your life is to change the things that have kept you from realising and living that simple truth.

You are precious – now and forever

Preciousness needs no makeover

If you live with this understanding (that comes from expressing in the tenderness and gentleness you are every day), you come to see that you are beautiful, powerful, and equal to all others and that you deserve joy because that is what you come from and what you are made of.

This is a developing process and can take time as you begin to build foundations that support this connection to you and start to live YOU.

Getting to know ourselves from the inside out and living from this loveliness changes everything about the way we have been living, eating and being in the world.

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