The only diet you’ll ever need. What I eat and what my body needs are two different things.

We live in a world that is increasingly vivid for all our senses, including taste. More than at any other time in our history, we are presented with food products that are engineered with flavours and textures our taste buds have never experienced before, produced by design with an intensity beyond what whole foods and ‘by-hand’ cooking techniques have provided for hundreds and thousands of years.

Today we can eat foods that deliver a taste sensation and feel amazing in the mouth, but whose flavours, textures and processing compromise or cancel out their nutritional value. Often these foods are the ones we love the most, and are increasingly sophisticated in the intensity of being:

  • Creamy
  • Salty
  • Tangy
  • Spicy
  • Crunchy
  • Crispy
  • Sweet

This isn’t to say all foods with these flavours and textures are of no use, or a burden to the body – the point is the body will always show us what our food choices bring to its functioning through many amazing signs, symptoms, reactions and allergies.

What about falling in love with our body and its workings?

  • Unreservedly, completely and utterly in love with our remarkable selves and the incredible ‘instrument’ that bears us through life?
  • Humbly allowing ourselves to be educated by our own body and its constant teachings

The Love Diet is about reconnecting with our body and loving what we eat because of how it leaves us feeling in our body, not our mouths or our stomachs alone.

Our body knows us better than we know ourselves

Our body is a powerfully sensitive instrument that instantly registers anything that compromises its stability or homeostasis, instigating immediate and intricate processes not of retaliation or punishment, but correction designed to return balance and harmony. How incredibly intelligent and masterful is that? Regardless of how we sleep, eat, move, think and live our bodies constantly and devotedly work in ways we often don’t allow ourselves to comprehend, truly appreciate, or see, until discomfort or ill health opens our eyes and sometimes our hearts.

The love diet isn’t about food, it’s about our body. When we love our body, it’s not because we need it to perform or give us something, it’s a relationship of respect, reverence and joy that invites us to be kind to ourselves because we are precious beyond imagining.

When we love foods that don’t love us, our body works efficiently and without resentment to clear itself of foods that are unwanted, unusable or harmful to it by:

  • Producing a whole lot of mucus so we wake up with a blocked sinus or a runny nose
  • Bloating up with gases created by foods it has trouble breaking down and we feel 6 months pregnant overnight and nothing fits
  • Vomiting, trying to eject the offending substance
  • Eliminating food it can’t process with diarrhoea or smelly, sloppy, or constipated stools and strong pungent urine
  • Releasing through the lymph and blood stream so we feel sluggish, sleepy, lethargic, fuzzy, sore, tight, achy and polluted – like a human ashtray
  • Storing what it can’t use or easily eliminate in fat
  • Discharging through phlegm in the back of the throat, a rash somewhere, a bit of eczema or even hay fever

Is it possible that symptoms such as itchy eyes, itchy bottom, bad breath, tiredness, raciness, agitation, dehydration, headache, dullness, irritation and raciness are part of the language of food intolerance and the body’s rebalancing ways?

We miss these symptoms and signs of distress when we see them as ‘normal’ or ‘just the way the body is’ – instead of as the messages and signs our body educates us with. This is particularly challenging when we ‘know’ that what we are eating is good or healthy for us and we find it hard to believe that our body doesn’t like what we think it should.

Keeping it simple

If food is great going in but messy going out (any of the examples above), our body is letting us know something is not sitting right with us and is not needed or wanted as it works to correct the overload. Our body forever educates us, yet we have a talent for accepting, ignoring or excusing the discomfort, the extra weight, cravings or tiredness, fuzziness and so on and continue to eat in ways that clearly disturb and distort the body we live our lives with.

It is a conundrum that we bargain with ourselves when we factor in the fallout on our body as part of our decision making process when it comes to what we eat.

Including our body in our diet isn’t an act of the mind but a state of the heart – an intelligence that doesn’t count calories, follow any eating regime, or use food to take the edge off life, but forever navigates its choices by the body.

I love sweet potato chips but when I have them I snore. I could find something to help me stop snoring or I could stop having what makes me snore in the first place.

My mum loves bread and butter but whenever she has it, she gets heartburn. She could take something for her heartburn, or avoid bread and butter.

The Love Diet is about the care we take choosing what we will allow based on how it leaves us feeling. It is a diet that invites us to consider, include, value and be educated by the physical aftermath of our choices and activities. When we let how and what we have learnt (or want) to eat override the intelligence our body educates us with, it can lead to some really dumb choices.

Connecting to our body puts us in a moving classroom that is forever presenting pearls of wisdom for us, whether we collect them or not. Starting with the wonder of our breath and its effects on all parts of us and the way we can live lovingly in and with our body is medicine in itself.

The Love Diet is a shift from mind over matter, to mind with matter, to reconnect once more with the love of our life, the partner we live every second with: our body.

"It is not what the mind knows, but what the body is that truly counts."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations

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  • By Adrienne Ryan

    I’ve always been interested in understanding the underlying cause and effect behind what we experience in life and for this the heart is the greatest teacher any student could have.

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