Starting exercise can be simple and fun!

Starting exercise can be simple and fun!

Starting exercise can be simple and fun!

For many, getting started with an exercise program/workout routine can present some challenges, especially if one is stuck on the belief that exercise is something punishing and not to be enjoyed.

One could be excused for thinking this if the only gauge and reference point were TV shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ for example, where pushing to extremes is considered ‘normal’ and necessary. However, what if exercise could be simple or enjoyable?

Here are some practical exercise tips to support you to get started or recommit to regular exercise:

  • The most important aspect to committing to a regular exercise routine is first making the commitment to your self and your wellbeing. When there is a commitment to your health and wellbeing, there is an openness to want to exercise as part of your daily self-care routine and an opportunity to deepen your relationship with exercise and observe how your body responds

  • If you haven’t been active for a while or are brand new to it all, be patient and understanding with yourself. Allow your body the grace of time to find its way with ease

  • Be guided by how your body feels during each session to work out how long each session will be, rather than setting a standard time frame. Too much too soon will not support your long-term commitment

  • Consider that you do not have to push yourself hard, get totally out of breath or make exercise a punishment. If it’s too hard your body will find excuses to stop. Exercise can be enjoyable and should not be a punishing experience. Choose simple exercises that you can easily integrate into your week that you find supportive and you enjoy

  • Focus on enjoying feeling your body moving rather than outside goals. It is so easy to get driven by short-term goals such as an ideal body shape or weight loss. If you aim for developing an exercise program that you enjoy, you will most likely commit to it long-term, as well as appreciate the benefits that will naturally follow

  • The support of a workout buddy may be important for you, especially in the beginning. It certainly is not needed, but if this will support you in the early stages, then buddy up! Keep the focus on supporting each other to simply turn up and have fun with exercising. Honour that you may each be different in how your body wants to exercise, so leave any comparison and competitiveness at the door.

  • Once the new workout routine is established, the rewards that are felt in the body are a great inner motivation and inspiration to keep going. Recognise and value every subtle change you feel, such as digestive improvements, muscles becoming firmer or walking with more spring in your step. These are all great inspirations to keep going!

It may not all feel like fun at first whilst your body is adjusting, however, as you commit to a consistent exercise program you will start to appreciate how exercise can support your day in a healthy way.


  • By Marika Cominos, BBA (Management / Marketing); Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner

    Marika's work as a Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner is inspired by her deep care for people, commitment to truth, and the joy of witnessing others live their potential.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd