Are my food choices disguised as self-medication?

Are we using food as self-medication to cope with life?

Are my food choices disguised as self-medication?

How many of us would be willing to acknowledge or consider the notion that many of our food choices are based on a desire to numb or seek relief from what we are feeling in life. It could be easily expressed as, “Are my food choices really disguised as a form of self-medication?”

Would you like to discover what underlies our food choices?

The audio presented here by Health and Wellbeing Professional, Jenny Ellis, shares her extensive clinical experience regarding what truly influences our food choices. In connecting to the truth of who we truly are, from that understanding we are aided to make more supportive choices in all that we do.

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Are my food choices disguised as self-medication?

Eating can be a loving act that supports us to live joyfully, healthily and well. Food does not need to, make you tired, over-stimulated, moody or feel discomfort in the body.

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  • By Vanessa McComb, Principal Advisor and Complementary Health Practitioner, EPA Recognised

    Lover of true health, wellbeing and philosophy. Naturally curious and fascinated by people and all that life brings while we continue our forever orbit of the sun.

  • By Jenny Ellis

    Jenny is a complementary health practitioner with over 30 years’ experience. She is renowned for her insight, understanding and wisdom and for the healing space she holds for her clients, offering a much-needed pause amidst the bustle of inner-city life.

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