Are we being truly nourished by food?

Are we being truly nourished by food?

Are we being truly nourished by food?

True Nourishment is based on the quality of energy first and, on nutrient content second.

The sciences of The Ageless Wisdom – that EVERYTHING in the world, comes back to one common denominator which is, that everything is energy, and therefore everything is because of energy. Energy that supports us to be healthy and vital beings or not.

When we apply this energetic factor to eating and understanding our food sources, we can see that food can either harm and disconnect the consumer from their innate innermost relationship or offer them a bridge, or a support to remain connected.

Hence, the energy in food effects the body and that the flow on affect contributes to our health epidemics or should we say pandemics: obesity, diabetes, digestive issues and mental health issues, to name but a few.

Just as certain foods can hinder the metabolic processes, so too can they dull and stimulate the body and its systems away from this cardio centric connection with ourselves. Through the understanding that food has an energetic make-up of and that there is indeed such a thing as energetic nutrition, this allows us to contemplate and bring awareness and responsibility back to the ‘eater’ and the food choices that we make.

When you develop and value the inner-heart connection and realise that it is only via the body that this connection can be truly felt and expanded, it cannot be thought about or forced, and will-power definitely cannot get you there, you then begin to naturally consider and reassess the choices that you make in life and therefore the foods that you eat so as to hold that connection and awareness of what is felt from within.

Unfortunately, many individuals forget that we are feeling 100% of the time. And many of the modern foods we consume on a daily basis inhibit this awareness.

The body is the key player in determining what foods will truly support it and our innermost connection. By practicing self-care and body awareness techniques the student re-connects to their body and to feeling energy again.

Eating can be a loving act that supports us to live joyfully, healthily and well. Food does not need to change your state of being or how you are feeling; that is, make you tired, over-stimulated, moody or feel discomfort in the body. You innately know this to be true and in re-connecting to your body you will be able to feel what to eat for true well-being.

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  • Photography: Michelle Foulser, Photographer BA Hons

    Michelle is a talented professional photographer working mainly in natural light. Her work is fresh and contemporary and focuses on capturing energetic quality as it unfolds and reflecting the depth and true beauty of her subject in a still Photograph.