Is it only food that we are eating?

Food carries an energetic vibration that impacts the body more than you realise.

Is it only food that we are eating?

"We need to be aware that everything is about the vibration that it comes with and not only what our eyes see."

Natalie Benhayon

When it comes to eating we can be very aware of the type and physical quality of food we choose to eat, and can take what seems great responsibility in choosing the 'right' food whether that is to be healthy (whatever that means for us), to feel light, for taste, to nurture the body, to calorie restrict or to perhaps even impress the person we are cooking for. Equally so we can choose a food that we know is going to make us feel dull, heavy and uninspired. In a somewhat arrogant manner we also know that what we put into our body must come out, and from this we can tend to lean on the excuse of, “Gosh I ate terribly today, but that's OK, there is always tomorrow to start over”.

But have we considered that when we eat, it is not only the food that we are putting into our body but that it comes with a vibration?

That vibration being an energy that has a far greater impact on our body than the actual food itself. It can literally affect us for days. To bring understanding and awareness to the fact that food carries a vibration can shed light on many of our food ills. Our choice then can be either to read and understand what was it about that vibration so to learn and evolve past that choice, or we may choose to not want to feel the why and simply bury the feelings our body is communicating by choosing more of the same. The choice is always ours to make or eat, whatever the case may be!

We all know and have experienced (whether we choose to be aware of it or not) just how detrimental to our wellbeing our food choices can be. They can give us negative thoughts and attitudes, bloating, a racy body, not wanting to get out of bed even. However, too often we lack the honesty and don't clock the fact that it's because of the food we have eaten.

Is it not empowering to consider that through recognising that food carries a vibration that either harms or heals, we are then armed with the clarity to ponder on why we have been ill affected? And to consider what was behind our choice to eat in the way that we did?

For example,

Was it the person who cooked the food; were they angry or emotional while cooking ?

Or perhaps it was where we bought the food from, the energy we bought it in, or the way we cooked it – were we in an emotional reaction to an earlier incident or situation when we bought, cooked or ate it, and so trying to bury how we were feeling?

Or was it simply a choice because on a deeper level we knew it was going to dull our awareness, our vitality, and help us disconnect from being our sparkly self?

As noted above, food doesn't stay long in the body but the vibration can stay for a very long time; we are talking months.

If we are seeking to live a life of true vitality and wellbeing (and going by current illness and disease statistics this is not so prevalent), would it not be fair to say that food has a much bigger impact than what we have been ready to admit?

We may think we have a healthy diet, but if we are not constantly refining how foods feel in our body, the vibration it carries and the after-effect that this has on our mood and ability to connect and relate to others, then we have plateaued and missed the point: similarly, copying what another eats when we perceive them to either look better, healthier, or more aware.

The beauty is that we can be our own science experiment, exploring our food choices and the vibration they carry so we can learn to be and remain students of our own development and evolution.

It's not about being perfect, it's about being prepared to put ourselves under the microscope and explore if it really is only food that we are eating.

"Healing is removing that which is not you in order for the true you to be everything that it already is."

Natalie Benhayon

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