What is Esoteric Massage?

What is Esoteric Massage?

Esoteric Massage is a healing modality in which gentle massage is used to support the body to heal ingrained energetic and physical disharmony/dysfunction. Esoteric Massage works on supporting the restoration of the right flow of energy in and through the body to enable it to return to its natural and unhindered way of physical movement and expression.

For many people who have experienced it, Esoteric Massage is a highly beneficial modality: the massage itself is very deeply stilling and relaxing – this allows one's body to truly let go and opens up greater room for healing. Based on client feedback it can be said that the benefits of Esoteric Massage can also extend into improved physical function. Physical function and expression are important and necessary parts of everyday life. Esoteric Massage will not only look at how we move but why we move and therefore the effect the combination of the two are having on energetic and physical function; this allows Esoteric Massage to seek out the possible original cause and supports the body in making the correction.

Esoteric Massage is unique and very unlike the common practice, use and or experience of the many other forms of massage. It is one of high integrity and works in high respect for the client and their physical body. There is no pain in the sense that there is no deep tissue work nor any pressing or pressure. None of the massaging techniques of Esoteric Massage are based on any other form or style. Many have expressed that they have felt this massage to be very deeply healing. Esoteric Massage is a very much a function and expression improving therapy that can be used by all.

Esoteric Massage is a stand alone, all round modality. It can be used to treat the body as a whole or treat more specifically an issue the body may be experiencing. It has a large variety of techniques to cater for all body needs, issues and problems. Esoteric Massage is a great way for someone to reconnect, have a moment with self and deeply heal.

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