A female athlete’s experience of how Esoteric Massage supported her in connecting to her own delicateness and beauty within.

Before discovering Esoteric Massage and Universal Medicine, I received massages on a regular basis for many years. Due to the very physical nature of my work as a fitness professional, it was not unusual for me to be receiving a massage every week.

I have experienced all types of massage . . . remedial, Myotherapy, Rolfing, relaxation, sports massage and deep tissue. You name it and I have probably tried it. One thing that was consistent in my relationship with massage was that it had to be deep. I couldn’t stand the soft, gentle relaxation massage as there was no relief to the areas of my upper body that were so tight from so much intense strength training. I wanted the therapist to really dig in and unknot my body. There was no such thing as too hard in my world!

My weekly massage was my relief and remedy for the high demands and abuse that I pushed my body through. However, as time went on it became clear that relief just wasn’t cutting it. I was not addressing the root cause of why my upper body was tight and why I experienced various pains in my back that included an intense annual back spasm in my scapula.

I knew there had to be something more to explore, beyond the physical.

After more than 20 years I still remember quite clearly what a massage therapist said to me after many months of giving me weekly deep tissue massage treatments. He said something to me that no-one had ever said, which I could not appreciate at the time, but on reflection today, I can bring much more understanding. He basically expressed that he couldn’t help me anymore with the pain and tightness that I was consistently experiencing in my scapula area. Somehow he knew that what my body was presenting needed to be addressed beyond the muscular manipulation and relief that was being offered. This from a man who was a highly respected and well sought after sports massage therapist at the top of his game. He confirmed in words what I had felt, and so began my exploration that there was more to address than just the physical symptoms of the body.

Fast forward many years later and finding Esoteric Massage. No deep tissue, no force, no pain, and no imposing at all, as is the case with all Esoteric Healing modalities. A gentle hands on massage technique that clears so much from the body both physically and energetically.

My whole body feels amazing after an Esoteric Massage – renewed, restored, open and deeply relaxed. I am always amazed at how much the body can let go of from such a simple and gentle technique, but when you are working with energy and addressing the root cause of the disharmony, anything is possible.

When I reflect back on all those years of painful massages I just laugh at myself. After having experienced Esoteric Massage there is no other massage that compares, as it feels amazing to receive the deep nurturing that this heaven-sent modality brings. It’s with enormous appreciation that I can report, no more annual back spasms ever since.

Today I can joyfully say that I live my life with so much more freedom and spaciousness in my body.

The more that I surrender to my innate delicateness and sweetness, the more I am able to appreciate how natural and awesome it feels to live with a body that is spacious and not hard. As a result, this has totally transformed my relationships as people get to meet the real me – the beauty and grace both inside and out, and not the protected false layers of hardness from the past.

I deeply appreciate the awareness that Esoteric Massage brings to my body; the deep surrender that unfolds in a session, and how it continues to enrich my life in so many ways.

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