Restoring balance in the body does not work: Supporting its healing does work

Restoring balance in the body does not work: Supporting its healing does work

Restoring balance in the body does not work: Supporting its healing does work

I have loved working with people and learning from them and their bodies over the last 32 years with my work in physiotherapy.

In more recent years I have been wondering how can we progress as medical practitioners and body workers in helping people recover from injury and chronic illness.

The health statistics are alarming when you look at the growing rate of chronic pain and chronic illness and disease, despite more advanced medical and complementary medical treatments.

So I ask myself, what is going on and why is this happening???

This is where I have come to so far:

One part of the answer is that we have created a dependent healthcare system which encourages people to want a ‘quick fix’ from their Doctor or physiotherapist or osteopath etc, rather than the ill/injured person choosing to take more responsibility and true care of themselves.

The other part is that medically trained people are working from their understanding that the body always works itself back to a balance – in medicine it is called ‘homeostasis’. I have worked with so many clients over the years to restore ‘balance’ in their bodies. I now realise that limited my clients’ recovery to just being ‘cured’, not healed, and it limited me in my way of understanding and treating their bodies.

There is a very different approach to treating someone if you come from helping them to be cured as opposed to assisting them in their healing.

Over the last 17 years the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me reconnect to the more expansive understanding of what true healing is for our beings and our bodies.

So I now ask myself, how would our healthcare system be if all practitioners worked to help clients heal and not be so symptom focussed?

To understand what healing is, we need to consider the big missing link in medicine’s approach to treatment and that is, the energetics of the body.

We talk about it in day-to-day language as “I don’t have much energy today”, or ‘I don’t have the energy for that” etc.

Modern medicine knows energy is used and produced in all cell activities in the body, but it doesn’t take it to the next level of understanding, of the energy moving through the being and the body. Ancient medicine did – it was called esoteric medicine and particularly the Greek physicians knew that there was energy behind all activities in the body and that, as a physician, you needed to consider the being and body as a whole being impulsed from its soul energy, and not just focus on the ill part.

Plato, a well-known ancient Greek philosopher and physician, stated “for the part can never be well unless the whole is well”: this is a truth that has been mostly ignored by modern medicine.

Today I don’t look to restore balance in my client’s body – that is limiting them to just improving their function by trying to cure their symptoms. I support them to heal, which brings in the understanding and acceptance that we are so much more than our physical bodies. All I do is assist the healing process, which gives the person/being and body space to do what it is divinely designed to do. Our bodies are divinely designed to help us reconnect to the energetic fact that we are so much more than our physical form and that the body can heal at all levels; emotionally, physically and energetically. We can assist our own healing if we choose to understand that how we are living and what we are choosing impacts on our body.

I have healed myself and my body hugely by living with respect and appreciation that I come from a far greater place than just being in a body on Earth. Many of my clients have also healed themselves to a great degree in the same way, by being more self-caring and self-loving in all that they do. The bigger picture here is that everything we say and do affects not only our own bodies, it has an energetic ripple effect on all others around us too.

As an example, in the past I know if I have been frustrated, that causes tension in my body, so when I treat a client from that space, I don’t feel clearly what treatment they need at the time and my touch is not as tender and caring.

I now live to the best of my ability in a steady calm way, doing everything more gently and smoothly, deeply caring for myself, which helps me be that way with all others.

Now my treatments of Sacred Esoteric Massage, Healing and Connective Tissue Therapy, my postural education and connective tissue exercises are gently supporting clients to heal, rather than imposing techniques on them to achieve a ‘balance’.

I am very sure that our health care system would be far more beneficial to people, and less costly, if we as practitioners responsibly assisted people’s healing while they were also choosing to take more responsibility for the way they treated themselves and their bodies.

In turn our struggling health system would benefit exponentially by our clients having a complete healing experience rather than the band-aid balancing acts we offer today with cures. These cures are a short-term relief that see the clients return time and again as multiple symptoms arise in their bodies from their poor choices and ill way of living.

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  • By Kate Greenaway, BAppSc (Physiotherapy), Post.Grad.Dip.Occ.H (Physiotherapy)

    I am a 53 year old woman passionate about supporting people to understand the natural intelligence and healing abilities of the body and how they can support this, return to natural vitality and well-being and enjoy their body again.

  • Photography: Steffi Henn