Can Universal Medicine Therapies cure cancer?

Can Universal Medicine Therapies cure cancer?

Can Universal Medicine Therapies cure cancer?

No, Universal Medicine Therapies do not claim to cure cancer. They do not claim to cure anything, and they are not intended to.

In fact, there is a very big difference between a cure and a healing. A cure removes symptoms and from a cure you get to see all those so-called miracles – people getting up from wheelchairs and walking, etc. While removal of symptoms can feel fantastic – and no doubt is – if the actual underlying cause of the symptoms is not addressed, then of what use is a cure? If a cure is experienced, but the underlying cause remains, then there is no true healing as the problem is still there in the body, just not being expressed (or showing) in the same way. We can be fooled by this, as we like the removal of symptoms – hence we can be led to believe that something wonderful has occurred if we experience a ‘cure’.

Universal Medicine Therapies, as with all of the esoteric work, promise no such thing. No cure is promised or delivered.

The purpose of Universal Medicine Therapies is to assist a client to return to themselves – to find harmony within themselves in a world that demands and drives us constantly to be anything but that. It offers no more and no less than that – an offering, or a presentation of a way that, when felt, is profoundly healing because it is just about you being yourself – which is what is left when there is no more trying, no proving, no stress, no contraction and just a deep ease of being right there in your own skin.

So what is the difference between a cure and a healing?

A cure is the dramatic removal of symptoms – the sudden turn-around in physical state, which seems to ‘come from nowhere’. But is a cure true? That is the question recipients of a cure should ask themselves. For if a cure removes the outer layer – the layer we do not like – but leaves all that is underneath that layer unaddressed, then isn’t the cause going to simply bubble up somewhere else, to be addressed later?

For this very reason, Universal Medicine Therapies are not in any way interested in or seeking a cure. They are there to offer an experience of deep inner-most connection so that, from that place, the client can make their own choices that can produce – and indeed in many cases have produced – dramatic change. However, the change experienced comes from the client’s own choices – and never from a ‘cure’. In fact, the practitioner does nothing but present their own quality of livingness. Everything from there, and any change or healing that occurs, is because of choices made by the client.

Profound healing is on offer when a client – i.e. any person – chooses to change the way they live.

In a society where the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that 80% of common diseases are lifestyle related, and thus preventable, the choices we make in life all of a sudden appear to be far more important than what we may previously have realised.

Thus the way we choose to live every day – the quality we choose to live in – might become to be seen as directly contributing to the quality of body we then live in, and the quality we feel within that body.

Universal Medicine Therapies can assist greatly in that regard, for they offer an experience of profound connection to a quality that is simple and lives within each and every person – the quality of stillness and harmony. In that quality it is impossible to self-harm or harm another. There is no stress, no anxiousness, no need to be more, or less. Just the knowing that we are actually so very much more than our physical form, just as we are also so very much more than the spiritual new age and all its pursuits would tantalise us with and have us believe.

Reconnecting with our essence we can, from there, make choices about the lifestyle or behaviours we want to adopt going forward. With the World Health Organisation now recognising that the vast majority of disease and illness is lifestyle related – i.e. self caused by the choices we make – then we have an opportunity to instigate great healing through simply making different choices.[1] When we realise this, we might also realise that we do not actually want a cure – for that will do nothing in the long run, as the cause is not eradicated. What we want is a healing – by choosing ourselves to live in such a way that becomes our very own medicine.

In our essence, we are solid, very real and very strong in our knowing that actually, above and beyond all else we might see in the world and others around us, we are part of a whole Universe of ginormous and unfathomable love.

All we need is a reflection of someone living from their inner-most to inspire us to reconnect with our own essence, and, from there, what we choose – the quality we choose to go forth in – is up to us. And the body we live in will be a direct result and reflection of the choices that we make.

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