Combining sacred esoteric healing with medicine

Combining sacred esoteric healing with medicine

Combining sacred esoteric healing with medicine

To truly heal we need to address the underlying cause of the illness and not just the illness or symptoms themselves. This means not only treating the physical condition, but also dealing with the underlying energy that led to the physical manifestation.

Combining Sacred Esoteric Healing with conventional medicine offers a person the best possible opportunity for healing – a true healing, and not just a return to better function in the physical body. Conventional medicine does not truly heal the root cause of what is going on – it addresses the physical issue/symptoms that are creating a problem in the body and supports that beautifully, but there is still a reason that the physical issue has occurred. The issue will recur, as the same disharmony will be in the body when only the physical is addressed.

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Conventional medicine is part of the answer

Serge shares how he is very much pro-medicine and conventional medicine is a vital part of a healing plan. If this can be complemented with esoteric medicine the whole process is expanded to a much deeper level.

This can mean addressing the lifestyle factors that are creating the illness, but then also going deeper as to why the person is choosing the lifestyle factors that are creating the illness and disease. Ultimately the root cause of all illness is an ill energy that is being chosen. Sounds a bit far out? Perhaps not...

All of life is energy, and the shape and image of the physicality is only a manifestation of the energy that is there. There is no physicality without energy as physicality is simply a form of energy. This we know scientifically through the work of Einstein.

Thus, disease is the physical outcome of the presence of an ill energy in the body.

These energies do not occur or enter randomly; our choices allow things into our bodies, both physically, as in, food but also energies. Thus, to truly address the underlying cause of the illness and disease and to truly heal, is to address the underlying energy that has been chosen that is disharmonious for the body.

Sacred Esoteric Healing works on the body, it works on the energy of the body, and seeks to understand the energy that is in the body. When healing is truly understood in this way, there is nothing to be suspicious of and it can be seen that healing is an innate part of life, and conventional medicine need not shy away from speaking about or working in conjunction with the esoteric to provide the optimal outcome for the patient.

"There is a Universal form of medicine that we need to know about. It is a form of medicine that has due and thorough respect for the current form of ‘mainstream’ or ‘conventional’ medicine. As such, it will work with it, for in-truth, what we deem mainstream medicine dwells inside it. Universal Medicine takes in the energetic factors and forces that are at play, unchangeable, inescapable and all-encompassing as they are."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us. Book 1 – Time

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What is Sacred Esoteric Healing?

Revealing what energetic awareness is and how we can heal ourselves when we understand energy is the underlying cause of illness and disease.

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