Finding out I am a sensitive guy through Sacred Esoteric Healing

Finding out I am a sensitive guy through Sacred Esoteric Healing

Finding out I am a sensitive guy through Sacred Esoteric Healing

I received my first Sacred Esoteric Healing session about 6 years ago. The first thing I noticed was how gentle the touch of the practitioner was as they placed their hands on my body.

I could immediately feel the protection I was carrying over the top of me being a sensitive man, and how I extended that in my life to not letting people in. When this was brought to my attention I was able to relax by focussing on feeling the warmth of the practitioner’s hands gently pressed on my back; from there I was able to surrender and receive the healing. At the end of the session my body felt so relaxed and with a level of stillness that I had not experienced before.

A few days after the session I kept noticing how my body felt different – I was feeling lighter, more energised and had much more clarity in my head: it was like a thick fog had been lifted off me for the first time.

I have continued having regular Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions since then and each session presents me with the opportunity to reconnect to what I can truly feel is my essence. With the caring support of the practitioner I have been able to identify patterns and behaviours I had subscribed to with regards to what I thought it meant to be a man in this world, which up until this moment had been having tattoos in different parts of my body, body piercing, shaving my head for 11 years to look rough and hard, so as to give me a fake sense of being respected like I was a warrior.

This only caused more harm than good as I was living in constant anxiousness, pretending to be something that was far from the truth of who I was. Letting go of these layers has allowed me to take more responsibility for how I live my life every day, and the choices that I make.

Even with all the armour that I had built up as a man it still didn’t work, in that people felt the real sensitive guy underneath the roughness, which was a confusing message for them and frustrating for me.

The Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions supported me in letting go of the protection, hardness and control that I had in my body and that I once believed I needed in order to survive and feel safe. It has also supported me to value and accept myself more for being the gentle and tender man that I am, and I can now truly say that my life has changed because of that, and more importantly, I now know that by being myself in everything that I do I am able to support and inspire others to do the same.

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