Inner wisdom – the power of re-connection

 Inner-most wisdom – The power of re-connection

Inner wisdom – the power of re-connection

Many years ago during a time when there were some very challenging events going on, I was on a walk in our beautiful neighborhood and there was a moment when I felt in the core of my being the absolute truth in the fact that no one can make me feel a certain way but me; that I have the power to choose my thoughts, feelings, and how I am going to sit, stand, walk, talk, feel, speak, or not speak. It was truly an aha! moment.

Now, years later, Esoteric Yoga is very confirming of this inner-most wisdom. In each session I am being offered the space to get a sense of how each part of my body is feeling. What I allow myself to be aware of in that moment is sometimes humbling and confronting but it is always the truth and always there is a choice in how to respond to it. There are no rules, no shoulds, woulds or must do’s. I have felt the results of choosing to release the tension in areas I am feeling it and I have also felt the results of simply choosing to just be with it without trying to change anything. Both are amazing – to feel the deepening and settlement that comes from allowing myself to feel what’s there without judgement, worry or anxiousness.

Just allowing my body to show me what is going on helps me make subtle and simple adjustments that feel so amazing in how deeply my feelings and moods can change as a result. I have become more aware of how I move at work, how I hold my body when I’m sitting in front of my computer or at a table in a meeting. And I have begun to let go of self-critique regarding how I should look, feel, think, act, and equally rules like what I should eat or not eat, how early to go to bed and what I do before bed. Over time I’ve begun to simply allow myself to feel anything and everything, to not question it or assume anything about it, just to feel with deep honesty.

"Your body is always ready and very willing to communicate with you. Be very still, feel, and listen."

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 316

By bringing our connection inwards and connecting with ourselves we are able to feel a connection with others, and often on a level that transcends time and circumstance. We are never alone despite what our surroundings might indicate to us.

I realised this through attending Esoteric Yoga sessions via online recordings, which due to my work schedule and location weren’t possible to attend live, yet what I could feel was a profoundly deep connection with the other participants – and other people in my life – that is always there whether I let myself be aware of it or not.

It has become clear to me that this connection with others exists just as deeply with those I know as with those who I have never met and whose names I don’t recognise. In fact, the notion that we are connected with our friends and family more so than with 'strangers' is simply not true at all. Have you ever seen someone on the street or in a train station who seemed familiar to you even though you’d never met? I certainly have, and perhaps we are simply feeling the connection we have with each other at a deep and inner-most level.

These connections are there for me both within and outside of the yoga sessions. Sometimes I’m not consciously aware of these connections and then something will happen to show me it’s there.

As someone who has lived through many years thinking that I had to figure everything out on my own, I’ve come to accept that not only are we never ever alone, but we all have each other as a support as we navigate the activities of life. We are innately designed to work together, to be connected, to seek help when it's needed and to support one another. It is so clear that this is who we all naturally are – women and men alike. To reject it, fight it, ignore it, is to deny ourselves our true essence. And in this we find ourselves in complication and struggle.

As I become more and more familiar with my true essence this wisdom unfolds for me. Esoteric Yoga shows me that through re-connecting within we foster the innate connection we naturally have with each other; that we are all equal within, yet have something very specific and purposeful to reflect to one another.

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  • By Julie Goodhart, BA Psychology; SHRM-SCP, PHR

    Lover of working with people from all walks of life. Inspiring others to bring their amazing and unique qualities to purpose in the workplace.

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