The marriage of Modern-day Medicine and Esoteric Medicine

The marriage of modern-day Medicine and Esoteric Medicine

The marriage of Modern-day Medicine and Esoteric Medicine

“The marriage of Western and Esoteric Medicine will be the greatest union that will serve humanity.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume IV

There are different images of how we perceive Medicine to be. Knowing that every human being will inevitably develop an illness or a disease at some point in time in his or her life, Medicine is an all-encompassing route to healing the ill, to restoring function, to prevention and supporting the rest of the body so the person can fully enjoy life.

In our world there are still too many who cannot enjoy and readily access the best of our Medicine. Disadvantaged by entrenched social impoverishment, political instability and lack of skilled human resources, there are those who cannot heal effectively and succumb to the harsh reality of living in a physical body that is so delicately fragile yet has great potential to self-heal.

If we were to have originated from the primitive caveman era and likewise did not have the access to the readily available technological advances of modern Medicine as of tomorrow’s sunrise, one wonders whether a lot of our chronically ill would even survive for the next 30 days.

If we are ever confronted with the striking reality of a worldwide global catastrophe, the people with overwhelming infections and trauma of any substantial sort that are absolutely life-threatening will be the first to succumb.

Then, unstable diseases of anything that is dependent on ‘replacement therapy’ will be the next to go, followed by the cancers that progressively grow and spread.

The evolving degenerative diseases will be likely the last to go as these often develop over decades, albeit slowly and progressively.

Whatever the terrible predicament for each affected human being, the world will be left with the two thirds or half of the 7.7 billion people who will likely resort to other forms of healing through non-modern day Medicine.

Knowing deeply of the ingenuity of people, we will return to the different combinations of healing ingredients in our foods, creams, massages, singing, dances and more, to help lessen the physical and emotional suffering that accompanies illness and/or disease.

As divergently controversial as it may sound, a substantial proportion of humanity will survive the next 30 days despite the disabilities while the gradual attrition of those will inevitably occur when the overwhelming infection, trauma, cancers and organ collapse from the autoimmune diseases take over the body.

Somehow, humanity will also find a way, or multiple ways, to prevent the evolution of illness and disease given that we will not have any access to modern Medicine. Human beings are intelligent, effective and interest driven when confronted by a significant issue that threatens its own survival.

So, the resounding lesson for those in and outside modern day Medicine is this paradigm of a conflicting theme we need to recognise: why is it that the modern Medicine that we have, cannot be all that is of Medicine, which can help humanity irrespective of the global catastrophe that could and may likely occur?

Even distinguishing Medicine as ‘modern day Medicine’ or ‘conventional Medicine’ is contradictory for the following reasons – reasons that are known by all discerning physicians who truly know what Medicine is about.

Firstly, all illness and disease takes time to develop. So-called ‘pre-illness’ or ‘pre-disease’ is a scientific entity that is supported by the medical world through epigenetics, multi-step gene mutations, differential expression of mutated genes and dysfunctional outplay of protein, receptors and enzymes.

Secondly, all illness and disease has causation, or the root cause(s): many are not yet defined or discovered by scientific/medical researchers, yet many have been discovered and some are increasingly modifiable by medical interventions such as specific antibodies, drugs and even dietary modification.

Thirdly, all illness and disease is either magnified in its effect by the environment or concealed by it. Herein, the environment encompasses the type of parents, the nature of one’s childhood upbringing, the critical events of the first five years of life including the in utero assaults, the social interplay that makes us the kind of human we are to become, and even the bugs we are exposed on an everyday basis through our hygiene, food, contact with people and through the air we breathe.

Fourthly, all illness and disease is a moment of revelation in that it alerts the person to what has gone wayward in the natural integrity of the physical body. Even when corrected for the natural ageing process, some age prematurely and some do not as per the divergent approach to life, i.e. a billion people or more engage in the adverse behaviours of cigarette smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol/sugar/unhealthy fats and are exposed to unreasonable forms of physical, emotional and even sexual abuse, yet billions may not do this to the same extent, but in varying proportions of ‘social acceptability’.

Fifthly, while we are inclined to believe that every illness and disease requires specific pharmacopeia produced at a mass scale, most illnesses and diseases can be addressed by a readily accessible, cost-effective and sustainable way of prevention and maintenance. If ‘prevention’ is so globally emphasised by the leading academia, the major public health institutions and the legislative bodies of our governments, is it also not a vital part of modern Medicine?

Sixthly, every illness and disease could accelerate in its progression if modern Medicine is to be the only way to deliver the necessary prevention, maintenance and sustenance of a human life. If the person is critically ill and/or has a serious degenerative disease that requires mechanical support for life, yes, modern Medicine is highly effective and likely the only way. Yet there are expansive ranges of illnesses and disease that do not require the extremes of modern Medicine. The discerning clinicians know that often it is the gentle, warm, caring and generous words and time of attention that provide the Medicine, rather than the ‘tools’ of modern Medicine. This is the secret of the ‘good old family doctor’ we often revere.

One could go and fill another copious list to deliver the point of what constitutes Medicine. In precise terms, modern day Medicine is a Medicine that is highly effective, efficient and technologically advanced, although it cannot be the ‘end-of-it-all’ panacea to the human suffering of illness and disease, especially when our ill way of living or more accurately, our ill way of living the human being is illness-causing or disease-causing.

Modern Medicine is yet one solution, not the ultimate salvation that 7.7 billion will need if we are to sustain a healthy, joyful, loving and openly collaborative global community for future millennia.

Suppose that there will be no more wars, civil unrest, political persecution, religious discrimination, statutory corruption, corporate exploitation, assault, robbery, murders, incest and indecent sexual crimes including slavery etc., then at least the billions of people have equal opportunity to grow as healthy, joyful, loving and openly collaborative human beings.

Yet the expected reality may not be that if we are to continue our current trend of illness and disease. There is definitely something non-human about what we do and how we are living as human beings. No amount of superb human intelligence can account for how the human species is repeatedly committing such terrible offences against its own, including its own family and its own self (the body).

Although life-threatening infections could be conquered with the newly discovered drug of penicillin in the 1940’s, the era of preventive Medicine of the 21st century is no longer served by a single blockbuster drug or innovative surgical procedure.

Human illness and disease is rapidly changing and manifesting at a faster rate than the conventional advances in Medicine can respond to, even if we are able to blockade every symptom and clinical sign that is reported by the billions of people.

Somehow, somewhere, someone has to fund the research and then approve such a whole scale array of treatment, disseminate it to every part of the globe and ensure that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel to prevent the side-effects or the long-term effects of creating yet another illness and disease (!)

Lacking the elusive panacea for the global ills of disease, the future era of Medicine will continue to rebuild on multiple drugs, multiple targets of action and multiple ways of delivery that may redefine Medicine to the mercy of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Co-existing in the future of a divided world, the wealthy and well educated will become more functional and younger, the poor and the unaware will become disabled and prematurely disappear.

Thus, what Serge Benhayon has prophesied in his striking, thought-provoking and challenging words is this very fact: understand that Medicine is fragmented in parts and whilst modern Medicine is innovative, efficient, effective and global, its grandness and true potential for humanity is through the union of every Medicine that serves the billions in the unwavering integrity and responsibility highlighted by the broader meaning of Medicine.

Medicine must not discriminate in the way that human history has done so far in the 100,000 years or more of its civilisation.

Medicine must not isolate any forms of healing until its integrity and responsibility in its true intent is methodically and comprehensively studied, understood and effectively united only with what is of integrity and responsibility in the global knowledge base and pool of wisdom that constitutes Medicine.

Medicine must not sway to the influences of corruption, and eternally behold her love of humanity; otherwise the interference by any personal or political agenda that sets the good of one group above another is a recipe for a global disaster, if not for us then our children and their children.

Medicine, above all, belongs to all people, and must rise above the created stench of what is not of integrity in Medicine, and return to its origins that embrace every human being as a divine vehicle that must not be abused, misused, assaulted, murdered, raped or replicated in forms that detract from the sanctity of its beauty.

Medicine, as with Law, must see herself as an undeniable part of the human experience such that every infant, child, man or woman is able to see that there is a stupendous love of Universality that birthed all of creation with its own choice for physical existence.

Through the absolutely undeniable posture of knowing our unique place in the universe, Medicine will be exponentially preventive, reparative and restorative beyond any man-created agenda and boundaries of beliefs and ideals of what a modern day or even future era Medicine should be.

Through the return and through the Marriage of the two, the Esoteric offers infinite wisdom. Even modern-day Medicine could see that it is an important part, like the plumber who is essential even for the multimillion-dollar home, bringing the whole of itself to the other part enriched with the ancient wisdom – that humanity is infinitely intelligent, divine and forever healing.

Because of the union/marriage of everything that is of absolute truth by the global standards of sanctity in every human being, and the cumulative wisdom of the divine that is stupendous and readily accessible by the billions of people, Medicine would even become inevitably ‘Universal’, and every Physician of its art would be ‘Universal’ in his or her purpose of service for the ill and absolute dedication to the student of the art.

Thus, even the possibility of ‘Universal’ Medicine.

“There is no definite destiny, only a potential that can occur or not.

A true seer can predict with great accuracy, that which we always have a choice over.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 710

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