The Multi-Symptomatic Man

‘In time, and due to their increase, intensity and the horde of new more multi-symptomatic versions of illness and disease that are to come, we will ask Esoteric Medicine to help explain what it has been saying for thousands of years. We will then know in full what causes them. It is sad, if not very unfortunate, so to speak, that the spirit impulsed human being, under the Pranic Consciousness that it most conveniently chooses as its way and form of thinking, has to endure great suffering and or gigantic calamity before it will stop and ponder the depth and thoroughness of the questions it avoids asking -- well before the calamity or suffering occurs.’

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 721

In 2006, a small audience of 150 or so in a small part of the world was introduced publicly to a new nomenclature for the future of Medicine: The Multi-Symptomatic Man. In hindsight, this was not a new concept, yet a future foreseen by Serge Benhayon in 1999 – should the consistent trend of human illness and disease continue. Even at this time of writing, what is truly meant by the term is not fully understood or widely known in the global pool of information through the worldwide Internet and the institutional hierarchy of academia.

Over the past four hundred years, humanity has experienced a resurgence of scientific and medical revolution that will continue for another millennium. Derived from the awareness that our bodies are made of different cells, and run by electrical impulses, we are increasingly fragmented by medicine into ever smaller parts of molecules, proteins and genes that will be modified to treat specific human disorders.

The era of Re-Creating the Creation of a human being is not far away as we move from cell transplants to customised recipient-specific organ parts and gene programming. Likewise, the ability to harness the power that powers the Sun rather than the traditional reliance on fossil fuels is palpably within the grasp of our technological advances.

In the days of Classical Medicine, in lifelong dedication the village healer, then the trusted family doctor, heard the ailments of humanity and dispensed the necessity of treatment. Over the past hundred years alone, billions now have the access to the Conventional Medicine as the supply and demand of pharmacopeia extends globally. Medical knowledge is no longer limited by the physical borders of a country or a county: what is known in the very best hospitals of the advanced nations can be accessed in the remotest part of the Indian subcontinent or Papua New Guinea, if the supply chain can reach the people in need.

In this time of unlimited abundance, humanity is confronted by a paradox of an avoidable future that is already being felt by the learned observer within and outside Medicine.

Human ills are increasingly complex, diverse and atypical, with their symptoms that are no longer single, double or triple, but multiple. One or more chronic diseases are the norm, and more specialised drugs are used to treat multiple symptoms and multiple disorders.

Colours have changed but intensity has not changed when 1 in 2 men have prostate cancer after the age of 50… If we belong to evolution, what have we done to evolve and how have we evolved? We can’t have in our current situation; we casually have in the window display of pharmacy that 1 in 2 men have prostate cancer after the age of 55.

Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Medicine Series #8, circa 2010

There are more specialists and subspecialists as the disciplines of Medicine continue to expand. The so-called ‘Undifferentiated Doctor’ at the end of medical school is true: in fact, two or more decades will be spent to ‘differentiate’ a junior doctor into his or her ‘art of mastering’ a specific discipline. For those exceptional gifted individuals who are fortunate to master at least two or more disciplines, they are forever at the mercy of other disciplines not yet mastered.

One in four Americans has multiple chronic conditions: that number rises to three in four Americans aged 65 and older.

CDC, circa 2018[1]

Behind these words, we far underestimate the true extent of the global human epidemic behind The Seen world of images and numbers. What about the young? What about the women? What about the 2.6 billion in the developing world? Furthermore, what is most alarming, thought provoking and challenging through Serge’s prophetic words is not the confirmation of what is already occurring and seen in the world of conventional Medicine.

In fact, and by the undeniable principles in the Universal Law of Energy and Quantum Physics, Benhayon is alerting us of the extent of The Unseen world of illness and disease – before the visible ills, there is the unseen and unfelt that is leading to the illness and disease. The extent of ‘Asymptomatic’ is far underestimated in Medicine, or in society in general as our human senses focus on the visible. After all, what and how we see is already filtered by the brain under the inundating influence of the worldly elements.

Hence, our inability to feel the beginnings of a tumour and its early growth within our organs, or the early phase of autoimmune attack on the endocrine system that ultimately leads to the multi-systemic illness of lupus, or the early wear-and-tear of our joints before the constant grinding and crepitations of an inflamed arthritic joint. The list of ‘asymptomatic’ is endless when we begin to feel the human body again in our Absolute Honesty in addition to the technologies of PET scans and advanced genetic screening.

Everything is energy, and everything is because of energy. That is, if I stand here, I say to you I have cancer, there is energy of cancer in my body, and there is a way I have been living energetically that has allowed my body to manifest the energy that is called cancer, therefore there is a Way of Living or Being I have been living.

Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Medicine Series #8, circa 2010

The Multi-Symptomatic Man will be the norm when the society only seeks to make the human life ‘more bearable’ rather than reawaken itself with courage to a greater level of Responsibility: that there is a Way of Living, an Energetic Way of Being that is declining in the human being as a species in a few generations. The Purpose of Medicine must see that everything and anything we complain about the Wrong in our body must be about the energy of how the human being is lived.

Ultimately, Medicine is Universal when every discipline masters the Unseen, and reclaims the Multi-Symptomatic Man as a museum piece for the future student of Medicine as ‘The Way it was’.


  • [1]

    National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, ‘Multiple Chronic Conditions’ (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington DC, 14 August 2018)

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