There is no such thing as an ‘alternative’ to medicine

There is no such thing as an ‘alternative’ to medicine

There is no such thing as an ‘alternative’ to medicine

Our whole life is one living medicine. Everything about the way that we live affects us, either having the power to make us feel well or make us feel less well, contributing to illness and disease.

Conventional medicine is one part of living medicine, albeit a very important part, not to be scoffed at or turned away from.

‘Alternative medicine’ is a term that is often associated with many practices of variable efficacy, questionable ethics and sensibility. It is with great understanding that many doctors do not recommend that people seek assistance for their health care alone in the ‘alternative medicine’ sphere, as the results are variable and can be disastrous.

If we understand medicine to be everything about our lives, with conventional medicine thus only being a part of our living medicine, we can see that in truth there is no such thing as an ‘alternative’ to medicine, for all of life is medicine – either good medicine, or bad medicine. There are only things in life that heal us, and those which harm us, removing us further from health and wellbeing. Just because things are advertised as being there to support health and wellbeing, does not necessarily mean that they do.

When choosing practices of health and healing, we need to be very discerning.

We need to ask: is this truly going to support my body with what it needs? For example, choosing massage as a sole treatment for cancer when what one truly needs is chemotherapy does not make sense, and thus is part of bad medicine. Choosing to ‘juice’ when one truly needs medication to treat one’s arthritis is bad medicine. These are not alternatives, these are simply choices that are made that do not truly support the body in its healing.

If we can consider that all of life can and does affect us, we can see that the responsibility lies with us as consumers as to what and where we support our bodies.

There is no ‘alternative’ to conventional medicine, there are only practices and choices that support our healing or harm our bodies. If we are seeking an ‘alternative’ to conventional medicine, we have already turned our backs on one aspect of living medicine that can potentially support our health and wellbeing.

Instead of seeking an ‘alternative’ to medicine, why not seek true choices that support our body in all ways . . . choices that complement and are part of our medicine.

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Conventional medicine is part of the answer

Serge shares how he is very much pro-medicine and conventional medicine is a vital part of a healing plan. If this can be complemented with esoteric medicine the whole process is expanded to a much deeper level.

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