The prophecy of Universal Medicine

The prophecy of Universal Medicine

"If we were to lean on the side of prophecy and use its science instead of the science of revelation, it can be said with assurance and clarity that universal medicine will be the type of medicine that humanity will practise in the not too distant future. Many are already doing so now.

The key principles of universal medicine are based on the fact that the right medicine is always going to be an energetic choice followed by the way of thinking and activity that that choice of fiery-energy impulses. Thus, it is good medicine to choose fire over prana/astral energy, as it is good medicine to be self-loving, self-nurturing, self-caring, tender, sensitive, honouring of one’s fragility, working hard and eating and drinking what is true to one’s evolutionary development. Likewise, it is ‘bad’ medicine to be in disregard in any way, self-abusive, withdrawn, self-critical, non-loving and, it is bad medicine to not eat in accordance to your particular dietary needs. And, the word ‘particular’ is here used in reference to one’s ever evolving position, which is directly relative to one’s position on the Path of Unfoldment or the Path of Return. Noting that the dietary regime of those two paths differs greatly. And yes, eating to and in relation to one’s evolutionary position, whilst developmentally embryonic, is part of the science of universal medicine.

As you can see from the basic tenets presented thus far, the wider reaching and true meaning of the word ‘medicine’ will be brought into daily life, and from it, everything will be seen as right or good medicine or not, if what is not right has been chosen. Of course, ‘good’ and ‘right’ will be understood to refer to and or mean that which is true to one’s unfoldment of their innate Divinity; in other words, living in a way that truly fosters the human being to unfold the Divine light they already are into human life.

If we were to assess when all this will take place, that is, be common knowledge or ‘the way’ on a global scale, the time frame is best described by prophecy as it will indeed take a while before much of the current astral impulsed momentum is seen for what it is and admitted as it being the root cause of our ill health and its ensuing fiscal problems; then, with energetic clarity restored and re-discovered, we will proceed to re-establish the word ‘medicine’ and its activity in their rightful Divine meaning. Thus, universal medicine will be at hand and accessible to all.

But, and as the word ‘universal’ brings, universal medicine is grander than just what the present version of the human being needs to help it out of its ill health, economic woes and societal problems. In and by fact, the immediate and crucial needs of humanity, to the ensuing medium to long-term needs, as they will become crucially apparent, will best be served by the union of Conventional Medicine and Esoteric Medicine. Delaying this vital union will only prolong the inevitable; an inevitable that is best to come by a wise choice rather than by the force of a deeply struggling human race. And, with no further information given, as the subject of universal medicine is left in the hands of a more specifically designed set of mediums for its knowledge to be presented, thus not for this book, it needs to be said that conventional medicine is very much a part of our future, as it is and in its more evolved forms."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, ed 1, p 761 - 762

From a casual viewpoint, Universal Medicine is a challenging and controversial terminology for many people to understand. Even our brightest and best clinicians see the foreseeable future of Medicine is the ‘good’ or the betterment that can be derived from the affiliation of Conventional Medicine and Complementary Medicine.

Under the different banner of alternative, unorthodox, unconventional, orthomolecular, environmental, integrative, functional or regenerative Medicine, people can see that Medicine could benefit from any expansion that broadens the range of tools available for preventing illness and disease.

However, the structural integration is not the prophesied end-point described by Serge Benhayon the Seer. The future of Medicine is all encompassing the Science of Responsibility at a scale far greater than we care to contemplate, and so we take for granted what is implied by the word ‘Medicine’.

Every piece of the Law relies on the definition of a word, and what rights the specific law should protect in the case of an individual and the society.

Likewise, every discipline of Science expands when the definition of a difficult concept is understood consistently through the key words, principles, equations or unchangeable constants.

Even religion requires an expanded concept of “God” because what one group of people understand differs from another.

By the ordinary meaning of ‘Medicine’, for most people it can only mean the material resources and the technical framework of Science dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness and disease.

The “wider reaching and true meaning” described above by Benhayon is what we have actually lost in our interpretation of Medicine since the latter part of the Renaissance, and increasingly so since the global industrialisation of the late 18th century.

Medicine is inclusive of the cause-and-effect of not living the One-ness in our human life: everything we do for our own body and for each other daily does matter.

The “union” that Benhayon expresses is beyond that of the ordinary meaning of Medicine. For example, the marriage of two people in love not only brings the physical union but the immense potential of power and grandness by two beings.

Likewise, Benhayon foresees the greatest human potential is the ultimate understanding that human consciousness is beyond the limits of physical dimension: that we either express as individuals of the spiritual orientation or as representatives of the divine intelligence, the very same intelligence we all come from and have access to 24/7, should we tune into it.

As the human mind eventually recognises that it is influenced by what consciousness it aligns to, human intelligence will be expanded or confined. Any restriction of the true meaning of Medicine can only occur through the continued confinement of human intelligence. Our repertoire in Medicine continues to be the swaying away from the Responsibility that humanity plays an active part in creating its own illness and disease.

Benhayon describes the possibility that “Universal Medicine” cannot be grand in its true purpose without living the wisdom of Medicine as a common knowledge by every person. Through the divine intelligence that humanity can access, every human discipline can be of “Universal Medicine” in its art of service for humanity. He also forewarns of how our reluctance to see “outside the box” is another delay that could serve a far grander purpose of Medicine at every aspect of its worldly practice.

No doubt the current form of Medicine has transformed through technological integration and subspecialisation to counter the challenging public health issues of illness and disease. Clinicians can now communicate across the continents, exchange ideas and adopt a consensus approach to a specific treatment.

No longer can a rare disease be left to its own inevitable prognosis: the patients can communicate with each other, search the Worldwide Web for the ‘right’ practitioner and engage in a proactive way as a consumer-advocate.

It may not be long before the consumer-advocate is also the policy-maker: governments and statutory bodies are progressively refining to their true Purpose rather than their current wavering to the inciting voices of the few who desire self-interest and seek comfort in corruption. Herein, the ‘patient’ includes the doctor, the nurse or the healthcare professional who develops illness and disease. They are equally subject to the same human suffering.

The pitfalls of human ills are too numerous to list, as highlighted by the published literature and the writings of this site.

As repeatedly commented by Benhayon, humanity needs to see the full extent of the ills and the corruptions before the purpose of prevention and how we go about ‘solving’ can be embraced for the practical steps to be implemented.

For example, the striving for a ‘cure’ for cancer or corruption in the political system will be futile unless every aspect of what is not true is exposed and understood by the public. Otherwise, humanity will be left with better treatments and better systems repeatedly abused by those who seek self-serving interests, albeit even with criminal intent.

In healthcare, those will accept the inevitability of unsolvable ills, of public hospital waiting lists and maldistribution of essential resources. But the increasingly aware public can also see that quality of health service and its people can make a tremendous difference to the overall experience of Healing through Medicine.

As in any forms of human disputes and conflicts, the real issues are not actually how much material resources we can accommodate for 23 million people in Australia, or 7.7 billion people globally. While the human mind will always question and proclaim that there will never be enough resources, we have everything we need to resolve our human ills.

Therefore, the ‘real issue’ of Medicine is the Art of its practice on a greater platform of intelligence than the scientific framework it is based on.

Throughout history, Medicine has consistently shown the central principles of its healing aspect is forever preserved through time: the quality of care and attention for the ill through the ancient physicians such as Imhotep, Hippocrates, Basil of Caesarea, Avicenna, Aetius of Amida, Galen, Paracelsus, Vesalius, Pott, Dupuytren, Sims, Lister, Osler, Charcot, Cushing, Harvey, Jenner, Koch, Mayo, Snow, White, Brauwnwald and numerous others still live today through their undeniable gift of Medicine for humanity.

The past imprints of healing quality in every ancient physician live equally in the present and future generations of physicians in their Art of Medicine. While the scientific knowledge of Physics, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Physiology and Pharmacology strengthens the muscles of a student of Medicine for his/her ability to act as an effective clinician, they are also the equal vehicle of expression for the quality of the great physician of the past.

Quality of healing is undeniable in every medical, nursing, dental, physiotherapy, paramedic, or any other healthcare student that studies the clinical signs and what these signs represent within the whole context of cause-and-effect of disease.

Undoubtedly, the universal healing aspect of Medicine cannot be denied, denounced, ignored, belittled or separated from its Purpose to care and teach humanity of illness and disease. While less time is spent within the medical curriculum of the heritage of Medicine, every clinician knows there is something unique that he/she brings to another human.

The Healing imprint of Medicine is why and how a simple expression of movement in warm voice and gesture from the heart can soften even the most grief-stricken, traumatised or the hardened heart of the ill during the time of crisis.

When one is surrounded by outstanding clinician-scientists and researchers, one common theme is evident: absolute dedication to their specialised field of work. However, even the dedication and commitment do not necessarily guarantee the healing aspect of Medicine.

While the superb intelligence of scientific advances will prolong a life or even save the life, the quality of how and why the Medicine is delivered offers the inspiration for humanity to envision a future of vitality and true health for every member of its family.

Through collaboration and understanding, the future-present of true health is neither a long-waited panacea nor an idealistic goal of an advanced technological civilisation but responsibility we all have for our human family, while we continue to neglect the fact that every human action which neglects the whole inflicts detrimental effects on another person. Until we realise this irrefutable interrelationship, Medicine will continue to be confined to the material expansion and the mechanics of diagnosis, treatment and prevention while the numbers of people affected by a diverse spectrum of ills continue to grow from decade to decade.

Every imprint of the ancient practitioners will live in the present-future students, and every person will benefit through the quality of care and its healing aspect besides the technological advances. Applied to business and manufacturing, such union may cause innovative business models, technical equipment, tools and cars that serve people and the environment. In Law, the union through the divine intelligence may result in a universal platform for Laws that is reparative, restorative and rehabilitative rather than the models which compromise procedural fairness against exponential cost of litigation, lack of accessibility and inconsistent legal representation. Hence, the list of possibilities is endless.

For Medicine, the union of the dedication and commitment of every clinician with the divine intelligence of the Ageless Wisdom accessed through the soul-aligned body lived in the Way of the Soul, one may see the beginnings of restoring humanity to its true Purpose as Sons of God once expressed by the Christ (Yeshua) and numerous teachers who understood the true meaning of Universal Medicine.

As far-fetched or challenging as it may be to our way of being, Serge Benhayon’s prophecy represents “the way it is” to be of Medicine if we are open to the possibility through our collective Responsibility to a divine way of living, the only way connatural to our body and its particles.

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