Taking a moment with the Gentle Breath Meditation®

Taking a Moment With the Gentle Breath Meditation®

Taking a moment with the Gentle Breath Meditation®

As a mother of 3 boys I often used to find that the busy-ness of every day would engulf me, and that by the evening I would feel a little spat out! Learning the Gentle Breath Meditation® was an invaluable tool that enabled me to stop, just for a moment or two, and create some space in my day so that I felt like I was surfing the wave rather than desperately trying to keep up with it.
Matilda Clark, Registered Midwife and Nurse and Teacher in Training, UK, Age 46

When I heard and started the Gentle Breath Meditation®, I felt myself getting control over myself like taking command, and after a time, I realised I had forgotten an old phrase, which used to be said a lot in Ireland " O, sit down and catch your breath”. That’s what it was like for me at the start, I was catching my breath back from all the times my breath was taken away by life.
John O’Connell, Caretaker, Ireland, England

These days breathing gently (as the norm) enables me to feel when that changes to a rapid 'out of breath' from over exertion or a sudden 'holding my breath' from the effect of an emotion (either my own or someone else's), but I recall when first re-introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation® how, after just a few breaths, I could feel that moments before I must have been really racy - and it was being replaced with a calming stillness in my body; or how I would notice tension released as my shoulders dropped or other parts of my body let go of the stresses being held.
Greg Hall, Engineer & Esoteric Practitioner, Brisbane

When I began the Gentle Breath Meditation® it felt as if an "uncontrollable race" was going on inside my head. As I began to take time out in my day to stop and do this meditation my head gradually started to feel as if it slowed down and this has allowed me to live my life in a less stressful way. It now feels as if my life flows rather than lurching from one drama to the next.
Susan Lee, Retired, UK, Age 68

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