An awareness around leering (perving)

Does a real man really get away with a sly look, or do relationships suffer?

An awareness around leering (perving)

A look, a glance, is it all that innocent? If not, why do you do it – what’s in it for you as a real man? What is it that makes you look at another person, and then take that second and longer look!

Most of us put it down to the fact that person has a way about them, and attractiveness that excites us, but do we really know what we are doing or comprehend the impact of our seemingly harmless actions?

In this audio, James, Mark, Tony, Robbie, Greg, Ray, Richard, Danny, Darryl, Melinda, Alistair, Andrew, Pinky and Haresh discuss the topic of Leering and the impact it has on all concerned.

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An awareness around Leering (Perving)

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  • Photography: Matt Paul