Heaven’s Joy – 'Love Is Who We Are' album review

Heaven’s Joy – 'Love Is Who We Are' album review

Heaven’s Joy – 'Love Is Who We Are' album review

There is a genre of music called inspirational, and one of the derivations of the word inspire is to 'impart a truth’.

This album does this and more. From the delicacy and graceful strength of Andrea's singing and harmonies, to the sensitive, tender and solid drumming of Chris, to the clarity and natural expertise of Urs, this album brings us music that does indeed reflect 'Heaven's Joy'.

The beautiful way in which the musicians allow the music to evolve expresses a harmony that goes beyond the ears. There is obviously a deep connection between the band members: a harmony within the group that translates into something tangible… something we can actually feel. From the opening track… ‘Wonderful’, a celebration of the tenderness we all are, to the playfulness of ‘Commander of Light’, we are not being cajoled into any emotional state, not being led anywhere, but rather we are invited to feel the beautiful qualities of who we naturally are.

What we are listening to here is a new style of music: one where the musicians are taking responsibility not just for the production of the music but also how it affects people. Bringing this awareness to every aspect of the process creates a solid foundation for the music – the harmony that we feel.

What is also remarkable about this album is that the lyrics of every track support the listener in a way music seldom does. From the beauty of ‘Walk with Your Joy’ – an invitation to feel the simple joy of being ourselves – to reflecting the love in our eyes and connecting with that same quality in everyone else, as sung about in ‘Sparkling Eyes’, each track is there reflecting what is possible for all of us.

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