Natalie Benhayon – Testimonial by Adam Warburton

One may ask what wisdom does a 24-year-old woman have to share with a 40-year-old builder?

But that is just the first of many illusions that disappear when you get to spend time with Natalie Benhayon. The fact is that Natalie Benhayon has been an inspiration to me and many others in my life, not because of what she has conquered or done, but through showing how to maintain the connection to who she truly is without being affected by life. I have known Natalie Benhayon personally and professionally for around six years and over this time

  • She has shown me – through living example – how we can be in the world, yet remain true to ourselves, and to others.
  • She has shown me how one can still operate in the world – in almost any job or capacity – with all its seeming hardship, and all its complexity, yet still retain the essence of simplicity and joy within us.
  • She has shown me that wisdom is not a privilege that comes with age or education, but rather a quality of livingness that is born within us all – equally so.

As a woman, she provides great insight into relationships, life, men and women equally.

She defies the boundaries of gender in the natural, joyful, yet authoritative way she carries herself, in her dedication and undeniable commitment to life and all that it offers – and in the way she relates equally to all.

  • She is undeniably all woman – radiant, gorgeous and inspiringly play-full.
  • She is sexy, yet does not hook you in as a man with her charm.
  • She is authoritative without ever being imposing.
  • She is joyful, yet understanding that life is not always so for others.
  • She is confident and knows her own glory, yet forever humbled by her understanding that all are equal in essence, should they so choose to connect to who they truly are.

A man, or woman, for that matter, cannot remain in the struggle of life for long after having spent five minutes in her presence. For her presence is encapsulating in that it invites you to know yourself deeper. It invites you to realise that life is about choices, that the inner glory that she lives and breathes is your choice also to have and to behold– equally so.

Of course, that is the greatest wisdom that Natalie has to share, that we are all, men and women alike equally capable of living in such joy, playful-ness, and deep connection – connection with ourselves, with all, and with God.

  • By Adam Warburton, Builder

    I am a builder and a husband. I do not profess to live a life of extremes, but subscribe to the virtue of simplicity, dealing with all the same daily challenges most of us face. I love my wife... my job, my family…oh, and the world.