The burden of ideals and beliefs and 'coming out' gay

The burden of ideals and beliefs and 'coming out' gay

The burden of ideals and beliefs and 'coming out' gay

For many gay people growing up and coming out, there are huge outside influences that suppress and silence them in their freedom to express themselves as they find their way in life, their communities and society.

These pressures are often experienced lifelong and can be felt as a burden or cloud of foreboding and intimidating energies. The prevailing energies belong to collective ideals and beliefs that combine to become consciousnesses that are most often very overwhelming and suppressive to feel as they are mostly prescriptive about a way to live, accentuate difference, concentrate on separation and can intensify isolation.

A person emerging and experimenting with what feels to be the truth in their sexuality can often experience a psychological and emotional collision with the prevailing and socially standardised consciousnesses. These ideals and beliefs come from the traditions and history of religion, culture, education, politics, societal laws and governance and create a wall or barrage of belief, stereotypes and judgement that perpetrate the thought that unless you conform to these beliefs, you do not fit into or belong in this world.

Many would argue that things are different now, that there is more acceptance and more visibility in the media and public life towards same-sex relationships, however there are still many stigmas and pressures that are associated with same-sex relationships that are yet to be broken through, and many real moments of discrimination, harassment and violence against same-sex relationships that still exist.

Yet the true fight in this instance is not necessarily with the individual person who has chosen to communicate in the ignorance, prejudice or judgement, but more so with the composite forces that create the reductive and imposing ideals and beliefs that are absorbed and wielded by group dominance in society in the first place.

Without the indoctrination and imposition of these mindsets, we would all be free to think from the truth of our hearts, where naturally every one of us is equal and offered the blessings and abundance of love.

Ideals and beliefs are what disturb and create tension for all of humanity, and they have consistently been the underpinning provocation behind all of our wars, disagreements, crusades, hostilities, conflict and inequalities, starting from within the holy grail of the family unit, to the classroom, church, sporting field, club, council chamber, government office, university, theatre: in fact, wherever we congregate as humans, we enforce, govern and entrench with the subversive truths of ideals and beliefs – but they are never from the purity and harmony of the actual Truth.

The truth is felt within the inner-heart and every human being has access, if they are so willing, to the wisdom of this truth. Within the heart connected to the Soul is a one-unified truth that holds every being in equilibrium and with an all-encompassing Love. There is no space for prejudice or separation, individual opinion, bigotry or bias; this is a space that embraces the science of Brotherhood, where we are all born equal in love as Sons of God.

If we were left clear and unimpeded by the heaviness and poisonous imposition of these consciousnesses we wouldn’t have to fight for the truth of who we are, we wouldn’t have to ‘come out’ and there would be no need even to be classified as a same-sex relationship – we could just be known as a loving and true relationship, or not!

Anyone who is labelled in this world as ‘diverse’ would have experienced the impact of ideals and beliefs and its compression; they can be directed in a subtle or an extremely obvious way and it requires strength in your own connection and the truth of your own lived experience and inner-most knowing to be able to separate and distinguish what is true and loving for you in these moments. You have to learn how to back yourself and not be taken over by the circulating consciousness that instructs you to live a certain way.

The tension for anyone who is facing this bombardment of beliefs is that the true you is under the pressure and oppression of the enclosing forces from the consciousness. This tension is a setup – it is engineered and designed to lock you away from your sensitivity, disconnect you so that you live not trusting and in anxiety, guarding yourself and being protective in relationships. If you give in to this tension, the vicious cycle of this means that living in protection then shuts down your innate awareness and ability to live in the fullness of who you are.

In our relationships, our families, our world, as a humanity we should hate that we are controlled and dictated to by these ruling and dictatorial consciousnesses. History has much evidence of the suffering and misery of the many cycles of living the evil of these beliefs: whether they be instructed from tradition, created from corruption and repression, or used as a means to control the narrative of how we should be as human beings, they have to be deconstructed and rejected.

As one humanity, on the whole we will never be free and clear to love who we want to love and stand for our own truth until these consciousnesses are challenged and renounced. Above all, the true ‘coming out’ is that it is our own responsibility to break free of these consciousnesses and love and accept who we are as we are, without expectation of others to sanction or validate this in any way.

Until this is done, every being who has ever felt the oppression of these consciousnesses is presented with the opportunity to stand tall and represent the truth of who they are and live free, detached and unencumbered of this malignant curse.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

    Gabe loves working with, connecting to, and understanding people. Together with her life partner Annette Baker, learning all there is to uncover about love and relationships is her life's work.