Does consciousness determine reality: a little experiment in choices

Does our consciousness create reality from our choices?

Does consciousness determine reality: a little experiment in choices

The other day I was lying on the beach with a friend. The sun was strong and it reflected in a small spot on the edge of a plastic folder containing my notebook.

If I moved just a millimeter sideways, my view of the reflected spot of light changed. Even though it was purely energy, it took on the appearance of being a transparent, curved, material thing separate from the background, like a scrap of plastic or leaf. As I moved it seemed to rotate, as a material object would in that situation.

Now here’s the cool bit! It could appear to rotate either clockwise (when it seemed I was seeing it partly from above) or anti-clockwise (when it seemed I was seeing it partly from below).

Have you seen that animation of a silhouetted dancer spinning, where she seems to spin first one way then the other? As you keep looking she seems to magically and seamlessly switch direction – as if your eyes are playing tricks on you. A quiz asks you to say whether you see her spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Looking at my reflected spot on the beach I saw it randomly do this seamless switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Then I recalled a passage in the book ‘Biocentrism’ by Dr Robert Lanza that I had just been reading, in which he concluded that our consciousness creates material reality. Well then, if this is so it should be ‘walk-in-the-park’ easy for our consciousness to create perception of that reality too, and indeed to create whatever perception we intend to see. Matter is compressed energy, thus consciousness must also be energy, since there’s nothing but energy and matter-energy in the universe. And so our perceptions must be energy too; fast, flexible and easy to switch in a moment.

So I did an experiment with my little spot of light:

I chose whether the spot of light would appear to rotate anti-clockwise or clockwise. Success. And did it again – success. There was one blooper while I mastered the method. While my friend slept on his towel next to me, I did the experiment many, many more times, choosing the same or different directions of rotation for varying periods of time. 100% success, instantly every time, as ‘quick as energy’. My conscious intention was able to alter my visual, spatial and motion perception of the 'object'.

That opens up an awesome opportunity for altering all kinds of perceptions, not just sensory ones from apparently outside things, but ones within myself too.

It made me wonder whether my conscious choice was changing more than just my perception, but changing reality itself. Or is reality, after all, merely a perception based on our conscious choice of energy?

"It will come to pass that man will know that all stems from the living quality of consciousness."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise On Consciousness

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