Often when we hear the term ‘evil’, images spring to mind of horrible events and atrocities such as war, murder, rape, genocide and torture enacted by sinister characters, rotten to the very core. However, the true energetic meaning of evil is anything that separates us from our true self, our Soul. That is, it is any action, thought, intention or word that inherently fosters the separation from whom we truly are.

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The definition of evil

The true definition of evil is not what you might think it to be.

As the short audio above shares “that which separates you from your truth is evil”… so it may be quite a shock to discover that evil can come in less obvious forms and craftily disguised in a whole manner of seemingly innocent exchanges, events, actions, conversations, music, writings, religions and philosophies that we would never suspect of being harmful to us and indeed champion as “good”.

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Have you ever tried to be good?

We all know we don’t want to ‘be bad’, but is ‘being good’ our highest possible expression to achieve?

From the history of the word we learn that…

The word Evil comes from the Old English ‘yfel’ meaning ‘bad, vicious, ill, wicked’, via the German word ‘ubel’, meaning ‘transgressing’ and the Dutch word ‘euvel’. These root words appear to come from the Proto-Germanic word ‘ubilaz’ and ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European ‘upelo’, from the root ‘wap’, meaning ‘bad, evil’. It appears that the main meaning of the Proto-Indo-European root of the word was of ‘exceeding proper boundaries’ and that the word evil was, primarily used with the meaning of ‘bad, defective or unpleasant’.

In Old English and in other older Germanic languages, the word evil was used to express disapproval, dislike or anything bad, cruel or harmful as well as crime and misfortune. More specifically, it was used to define everything that denoted the absence or the complete opposite of that which was considered as being good.

Although the above definitions capture the aspects of evil as we have come to view it, none of them offer the true energetic meaning of the word.

The true meaning of the word evil is to be found in the Greek word ‘diaballo’, from ‘dia’ meaning ‘between’ and ‘ballo’ meaning ‘to put, to place’. The word ‘diaballo’ therefore means to separate, to put in between, to place a barrier or to create a fracture. In other words, diaballo or evil is that which causes separation, that which divides or creates barriers or fractures – a division that can equally be found in what we perceive as ‘good’ as it can be in what we perceive as ‘bad’. Indeed, by only seeing evil in the ‘bad’ we have blinded ourselves to the greater evil at play in places we have yet to look.

"Evil does not exist. It exists only when it is expressed in thought form or in action, or both. When evil is not being expressed or acted out, then, there is no evil."

Serge Benhayon esoteric-and-exoteric-philosophy, p 96

Evil is and always was the absence of love.

One of our greatest pains is not expressing the love we so naturally are. When we do not express what we are, we end up expressing what we are not. In truth, no single person is evil but we can be energetically coerced and seduced into performing acts of evil when we live disconnected to the love that resides within.

"Through emptiness – evil expresses."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 174

Evil can only be ‘disguised’ if we do not know what we are looking for. The audio below allows us the opportunity to deepen our awareness to the evil at play in our world in all its varied forms.

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The highest form of evil

A confronting exposure of the harm that is caused by what we think is ‘good’.

"Evil is indeed that which separates one from their inner-most and thus away from their true self-love. In that disconnection, one suffers the separation to self, to love and to God, and thus, in a lost state, and in the agony and hurt of such devastation, one is capable of harm to self and to another or to others. Therefore, evil can be traced back to all that separates one from their true self – the soul. This simply means that evil is – that which allowed, fostered, engendered and or created that separation in the first place."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 703

Further Reading and Listening

The Gentle Breath Meditation® provides a great tool of connection. When we are connected to ourselves and our true essence it is simple to recognise what is not of that same quality. You will find many great practical articles and free audio at Unimed Living Meditation Sphere.

One way to develop our senses and attune our eyes and ears to the difference between truth and evil, is to develop our awareness and our clairsentience. The Unimedpedia words Truth and Clairsentience also provide tools to recognise what is of love (truth) and what is not.

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