What happens to your dog when you are Love?

What happens to your dog when you are Love?

National Dog Day was founded in 2004 to honour dogs and to show appreciation for their companionship, endearing patience and unquestioning loyalty, from keeping a household safe to sniffing out bombs and drugs to providing assistance to those who are blind, deaf or disabled, dogs have done and continue to do a great deal for people.

In this amusing and yet revelatory audio, Serge Benhayon exposes how we often mistreat our dogs in the name of “love” following a pattern of how we ourselves were parented. Serge presents how a dog responds when it is truly met with love versus the needs we so often project onto our dogs and ask them to fulfil.

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What happens to your dog when you are love?

No one can love us and we cannot love another – love is a way of being when we live from our inner-most.

"In our kingdom we have three other physical forms of expression available as expression by soulful connection; they are the dog, the whale, and the dolphin. These are the only physical expressions available to a soul other than being human."

The Way It Is, p 356

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