Good real estate… It’s hard to find

Good real estate… It’s hard to find

Good real estate… It’s hard to find

When we consider real estate, we only ever think of investment properties or living in our own home: it’s the bricks and mortar that many obsess over, and many have made a business of buying, selling and renovating real estate. Many people talk about it, analysing and assessing the hot spots and all the tax benefits and tricks that come with real estate.

There are seminars, investment books and countless television programs and many other ways that real estate is sold to people. Everyone wants to buy low and sell to take the dividend and profit or just build wealth in equity, but like many things in life, the game of real estate runs in cycles and there are often pitfalls associated with these cycles as prices rise and fall.

We are so obsessed with the trading of property, but there is one piece of real estate that has been completely forgotten about, ignored and actually abused – and that is the human body we live in.

This is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world, priceless actually, and we each are given a sparkly new home when we are born, but it is quite clear that it is the most abused piece of real estate on the planet. The evidence is in statistics and right in front of our eyes.

Diabetes is exponentially increasing, suicide rates continue to escalate and our waistlines continue to expand. Cancer continues to terrorise the body and the healthcare systems around the globe are buckling under this epidemic of poor health. Globally we are attacking each other like there is no tomorrow. Politically we are polarised and there is continual evidence of mass corruption from the very top to the very bottom in sport, banking and finance, politics, our workplaces and our so-called news with agendas within agendas.

The cherry on this cake is our own eroding ability to truly care for ourselves.

We spend a long time abusing our living piece of real estate, the place we live in 24/7. The thing is, we don’t realise that much of what we do to our body is abuse as there is so much in life we take as being normal and don’t realise that it is self-abuse – like being frustrated and angry, engaging in negative self talk or living with poor self-worth, gossiping about others or even just being in a hurry. Then there is the obvious . . . the drugs, alcohol, violence to each other and ourselves, binge eating and just poor choice of foods (“because I’ve always eaten it, so what’s the problem?").

The WHO states that nearly 70% of all disease is lifestyle related. Looking at this statistic from a different angle, that means nearly 70% of our life is abusive to some degree, which will eventually cause a physical illness or accidental injury. So in a single day, nearly three quarters of what we think say and do is causing harm, dis-ease and dis-harmony within the body. Does anyone think that is a lot?

If our body were owned by another person, like how we own real estate, we would have been evicted due to the complete disregard that we show it. Imagine if we abused the home that we rent; real estate agencies would be sending letters of breach of contract, emails and an eviction order would soon present itself and we would become homeless. In effect this is what happens the world over every day, as many lives are cut short because of the choices we make.

The human body just cannot keep going. We may get warning signs in the body, like the breach of contract letters that come from agents when we disregard a property. Examples could include aches and pains, bloating, blocked nose, tiredness or headaches or, if we don’t get the eviction notice in a symptom, all of a sudden we get very sick or have a nasty accident that just stops us in our tracks.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs both illegal and legal, over and under eating, our emotions, violence, abuse in all its colours and our own internal bully that self-deprecates . . . when will it stop?

If we were to re-value our human piece of real estate we would find that globally it is a rapidly depreciating asset.

We abuse ourselves so much that we live in a body that really should not be living; instead it is made numb to the consequences of our actions and kept alive by the wonders of modern medicine. But truthfully, it can’t be that pleasant living in some of the bodies that are struggling through life – no different to living in a home that is completely messy, unmaintained with patch-up jobs to keep it liveable, but only just – much like the incredible patch-ups medicine does on a daily basis.

The 'real estate' in this world is the body we live in. This is our true home and when we invest in this, the dividends are utterly amazing.

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  • By Matthew Brown, Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurse

    Matthew is an Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurse, loves learning, energetic medicine and the true reason for life.