Serge Benhayon – understanding true healing and the role of the client

Serge Benhayon – Understanding true healing and the role of the client

Serge Benhayon – understanding true healing and the role of the client

Serge Benhayon would be the first to say that he is not a practitioner. Being a practitioner is just what he does. And yet to many he is the practitioners' practitioner. So how do we make sense of this seeming dichotomy? Is he a practitioner or is he not?

What this simply means is the fact that there is not one ounce of Serge Benhayon identified by the role he plays. And you may rightly ask, what does that matter and how does that make him a great practitioner? So many of us become consumed by what we do: it defines who we are, and shapes our ideals. It moulds the way we relate to the world, giving us an identity by which we can value our worth.

The problem with this approach is that in the first part it has the propensity to make us arrogant – not arrogant in the sense that we snub people (although this can be the case) – but arrogant in the sense that because we have learnt to value our own worth based on the knowledge we have accumulated, we tend to judge others by this standard. As a result, many practitioners or healers, be they medical or otherwise, often hold themselves at arms length from their clients based on the knowledge they have to offer in a way that leaves the client in the powerless-ness of believing that they have no true role to play in their own healing.

The limitation of this approach is that practitioners often forget the critical fact that the client actually does have a huge role to play in their own healing. Regardless of what the practitioner brings, be it prescription drugs, or massage, it is the client’s own body at the end of the day that does the work, and it is the client’s willingness to allow the healing to take place that is fundamental to the healing process.

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What is healing?

Healing is not about curing or removing symptoms and nobody can heal you. It is about you being open to letting go of what does not belong to you.

It is this understanding that is fundamental to Serge Benhayon’s approach to the art of healing. It is an approach that makes him extremely humble, which is a key ingredient of any true practitioner, for it allows the practitioner to “get out of the way” in order to serve in whatever way they can for their client. Such grace allows the practitioner to truly observe what is going on, unhindered as they are by their identification with the belief that they need to be the one with the answer, or with the knowledge to solve the problem.

This is not to say that knowledge is not important, but too often our observation of what is really going on for our client is limited by thinking that what we have to offer another is limited by what we know, and this discounts the healing power of our own presence.

Therein lies the power of Serge Benhayon as a practitioner. It is the quality of his presence or being that he brings to a session. In his presence we feel met, seen, understood, and looked after. In a world where there is an absence of true connection in nearly all aspects of life, that is a rare treat indeed, and one that brings about a healing all of its own accord.

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