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I was never into the idea of ‘marriage’. My attitude was – I’m independent, what is the point, people get divorced, I’d rather just be in a relationship and if it doesn’t work out, then I don’t have to go through all the process of divorce etc. . . . etc.

Then one day, many years ago, I was listening to Serge Benhayon at a presentation and he began to talk about marriage in a way that I had never before heard anyone talk about marriage. He brought the depth and truth to what the union of marriage symbolises. It was more than just getting together with another to have kids, company, arrangements, and emotional love.

It was so long ago that I cannot even tell you the exact words he said, but the beauty and love that he spoke about marriage in was deeply felt in my body. Every cell in my body became alive as it was hearing something true – the potential of how union between two can be. I felt how I was holding a negative belief around marriage, but deeper than that I felt my old hurts from past relationships, full stop. As I felt this, I began to feel a new openness within me – the joy that true marriage is very possible.

I pondered after this presentation about marriage and ‘true marriage’. I came to the understanding that marriage is a union of two. It holds the values of love, truth and evolution, where we come together to live our lives in a loving way, deepening in intimacy, commitment to grow forever, to evolve and share our love with everyone. Marriage is a commitment to not only each other but to humanity in the sense of how we are in love, we share that with our friends, family, colleagues… everyone. It is not just kept for the two. So, so beautiful!

Then several years later I met a man, who has since asked me to marry him and of course I said YES.

Serge Benhayon lives what he talks about; he walks his words, every single word.

So when he speaks it is deeply felt and at times equally as challenging as he exposes the untruths of how we can be living. Yet he never imposes, he leaves it with us and then we choose what we do with what was offered. This man loves with no conditions, no agreements, no anything. He simply loves. It is by his way of relating with his family and others that I know the truth that such values can be lived in all our relationships. He brings values of love and truth to everything.

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  • By Karoline Pearson

  • Photography: Matt Paul