The deeper cause of chronic back pain and the trauma behind it

At the end of an Esoteric Healing Workshop I approached Serge Benhayon regarding the back pain I had been experiencing frequently for over 15 years. I mentioned to Serge that during the workshop I had began to feel pain in the exact same spots around my back where it would usually flare up.

Serge’s response and reading exposed hidden, suppressed and unresolved issues; trauma around ‘torment’ from my childhood.

He was spot on... Growing up in Sydney's western suburbs through the 70’s and 80’s was harsh. Coming from a Middle Eastern background, being called a ‘wog’ was a common occurrence and it felt very cutting to hear that being directed at me. Hearing that word was so piercing that even when it was being yelled or directed at others it still felt like a stab in the back to me.

Although I had surface memories and some awareness of these experiences, through Serge’s reading I discovered that I hadn't really allowed myself to fully see, feel and consciously accept that I had hidden that pain and trauma for all these years. In other words I realised that I had never fully admitted that I was in fact ‘tormented’ by the bullying and teasing that happened, nor the full extent of the damaging effect this had on me. But just hearing Serge mention the word ‘torment’ alone seemed to cut straight to the core of the issue, allowing the healing process to begin.

After 15 years of exploring many forms of personal and spiritual development, attending countless seminars and workshops, never before had any other workshop facilitator, practitioner or therapist said to me or even alluded to the fact that I had been tormented.

Soon after this revelation I experienced 2 weeks of chronic diarrhea which I had felt was the letting go of some of the deeply held trauma of that torment and Serge confirmed this. The severity, intensity and frequency of my back pain has since gradually subsided and is much less debilitating than ever before.

  • By Robert Moussalli, Direct Sales/Network Marketing