The Arcane Project and Sutra Series presented by Serge Benhayon

"A true Sutra is a living set of revelations and principles that reveal as they are lived."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 14

The Arcane Project and Sutra Series consisted of 35 talks which were delivered by Serge Benhayon between 2007 and 2009:

  • Fiery Sutras – 10 talks
  • White Magic – 10 talks
  • Science of the Soul – 15 talks

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Sutra series and the esoteric

An introduction to what a Sutra is and the benefits delivered in the series of talks delivered by Serge Benhayon known as The Science of the Soul.

The first series of 20 talks was presented every three weeks or so, alternating a Fiery Sutra followed by a corresponding White Magic Sutra. The subsequent Science of the Soul series was held in Australia on a monthly basis except in June and November when Serge Benhayon was presenting in the UK.

The Sutras were written by Serge shortly before each evening presentation. The format of the evening event was for Serge initially together with Janet Williams, and later Natalie Benhayon to read from the Sutra, interspersed with Serge providing commentary and expanding on what was presented in the Sutra. Most if not all of these talks also contained a live instructional Gentle Breath Meditation®.

The book “The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy” by Serge Benhayon, is a compilation and expansion on the Fiery and White Magic Sutras. A second book will be published in relation to the Science of the Soul series.

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Study any school before joining it

This short audio comes from the introduction to a series of talks presented by The School of The Livingness. Serge Benhayon reminds everyone of the importance of studying the school into which they are entering and the teacher who is presenting the courses. The study could be harming or healing and it is up to each person to discern whom they choose as a teacher.

You can find hundreds of short audio excerpts taken from these talks throughout the unimedliving website. The full recordings of all 35 talks are available for purchase and download here.

"The living Sutras bring to each student the true way of being through energetic knowledge, energetic understanding and thus, the energetic wisdom can naturally be. In all revelation, the teachings via the Sutras will bring a greater amount of awareness and with it a greater form of clarity that will clearly demonstrate the energetic responsibilities we are endowed with and should, responsively live by. And hence, as the instruments of Divine light that we truly are, we will see the true value in choosing a fiery way of being, not only for the development of self and the inner-true life, but for and that of each and every one of our equal fiery brothers everywhere."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 23

Further history of the presentations

The Sutras were presented on Friday evenings to a live public audience at Ewingsdale Community Hall in Byron Bay, Australia. It was not uncommon for participants to arrive at these presentations in the flurry of their busy days or lives, quite a few having driven long distances to be there.

It was very supportive that most of the evenings started with a Gentle Breath Meditation® allowing people to re-connect and come back to themselves. It was quite palpable to feel the energetic difference in the hall once the presentations commenced and the audience became still.

A whole library of free Gentle Breath Meditations® taken from this series can be found here.

Both the written Sutras and the audio of the presentation were available for download the next day via the internet. They became very popular and were listened to by students around the world. Those that attended in person also subscribed to the web version so that they could listen again to the powerful revelations.

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