The Esoteric is not a secret – it is available to all

The word esoteric didn’t feature at all in my life until I arrived in my 40’s.

About that time I began the search for who I was via the many New Age modalities that were being offered as the salve for every issue in life, and at that time I had many issues waiting to be healed. Occasionally I began to see ‘esoteric’ written in various places and becoming curious as to what it meant I headed for the dictionary, as you did in the 80’s.

There I read that it meant ‘secret, private confidential and intended for, or likely to be understood by a small number, often a select group of people’. I used several sources, all with slightly different interpretations, but it was the word, ‘secret’ that was the common factor.

These words didn’t make total sense to me as I felt there was more to what was being presented. But I ignored what I was feeling and took on what I was reading, deferring to the wisdom of others instead of trusting my own – a persistent pattern throughout my life. In the early 2000’s the word esoteric landed right in front of me when I was asked to join an esoteric meditation group. I had no idea what I was being offered but at that point in time, I was open to anything that might heal my life as nothing the New Age had offered me had worked. The group was a small one, based on the writings of Alice A. Bailey, someone whose name had come up once or twice in the previous years. I was asked to read one of her books before I joined the group so at least I had a starting point for what lay ahead. Most of the time I had no idea what she was presenting and I often read the same paragraph over and over again, but at the same time, it felt vaguely familiar. I soon realised that I could not read this book the way that I was used to reading; it simply didn’t work. This was a huge challenge as I felt my ‘intelligence’ was being confronted with every sentence. But in spite of the turmoil my mind was in I finished the book, and feeling not a lot wiser I joined the group.

What followed was intriguing, to say the least. I almost found myself aligning to the dictionary meaning of esoteric, as this group felt ‘secret’ and even though these books were published worldwide at the time it seemed to me that they were written for a ‘select few’ – those who could understand them from a temporal perspective. The process we went through weekly was to read a few pages and then discuss what we had read; it was all very mind orientated with no discussion about how we could bring what we learned into our lives. And naturally, I started to ask the question of myself – how was what I was studying going to fix my life? At times this would feel unattainable but curiously there was a part of me that continued to whisper that I actually knew this, but what the esoteric truly was still remained a secret to me.

In early 2005 all that changed with my first Esoteric Healing workshop with Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine.

I had been pulled strongly to meet this man after a friend mentioned his name, and on inquiring about what he was presenting there was that word again. Now I was really intrigued and once again there was my body speaking very loudly that I was getting close to the truth I had for so very long been searching. It spoke so loudly that I got on a plane and flew nearly four hours to meet a man who I had heard very little about and to participate in a course I knew even less about. But every day since I celebrate that I followed this impulse.

As the workshop began so did my understanding of so many things: my life, the world and what the esoteric truly was. It started very simply with Serge presenting the true meaning of the word – it means ‘inner-most’, coming from the inner heart. As I heard the words it wasn’t my mind that agreed, it was my body; my body was continually nodding as so much was finally making sense. And to confirm that I was being presented with the truth I started to understand that the esoteric was a ‘livingness’, not something just to talk about but something to live. What I had felt in the meditation group was true; there had to be more about this information than just talking about it and trying to understand what it was saying. The understanding would come with the choice to live the wisdom. And the most startling revelation of all was, as the esoteric is held within us, it is available to each and every one of us in any given moment. It is for all, it always has been and it always will be.

As Serge Benhayon presents:

“Everybody comes from the esoteric, it is in them and of them and it is the same in everybody – everybody has the esoteric on the inside. This is a fact that belongs to the meaning of the word esoteric – the inner-most.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 282

So how can it be secret, how can it be for a select few when we all have it within us?

The choice to re-connect with the esoteric and choose to live it is a choice that only each one of us can make. But whether we make this choice or not, the esoteric is still with us; it doesn’t go away.

Two days after returning from the absolutely amazing workshop I attended the Alice A. Bailey meditation group, almost reluctantly as I could feel that everything had changed. I certainly didn’t feel like the same person who attended the last group. I was experiencing a growing feeling that I was returning home to me, the true me, whom I had searched for outside of myself for many years but had now found living within.

Yes, I had enjoyed sharing the last few years with this small group of very lovely people but I could feel so clearly that it had come to an end as I could no longer participate in a group that was seemingly ‘stuck in the knowledge’ and not able to begin to live the immense wisdom that I now realised Alice A. Bailey was presenting. I so wanted to share my experience with the group but held back just in case I had got it wrong, that I had been spiritually conned once again. But how could I think that when my body was telling me what I was feeling was true?

It was so obvious that what Alice A. Bailey had written about was true, but I now knew the esoteric was for living, not just for study. How can we make sense of principles that are for living by making it just about the words, about knowledge, simply for the satisfaction of the mind?

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What is the esoteric?

Esoteric means the inner-most. When you come from your inner-most everything is known and very simple.

Serge Benhayon has been the one for me, and many today, to make sense of the esoteric, to present the truth of it, how we are with it and how it is there for us to live in its simplicity. Its foundation is love and this love lives within the inner-heart of every single member of humanity; a love that when lived has the power to change the world we live in. In living this love, life gradually becomes less about us and more about those we live with and every other member of our world family. There can be no separation from others when we truly live the esoteric as there can only be brotherhood, a way of living with equal love and honouring of all.

The esoteric is no secret but a universal truth that is available to all. It is a way that I now choose to live, without perfection, and I share it in the way I move and the way I express with all those around me.

I do not keep it secret in any way, for how can I if I live it in every moment? For it is in my Livingness that I continually express it and will continue to do so until the very last moment of this life, and beyond.

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