The Gentle Breath Meditation® – How it has supported me to feel again

The Gentle Breath Meditation® – How it has supported me to feel again

The Gentle Breath Meditation® – How it has supported me to feel again

Since I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation®, as taught by Serge Benhayon , it has become a loving ritual and a rhythm that begins at the start of the day.

It is a choice to support myself for the upcoming day and has been an amazingly simple technique to do. Through it I am now dedicated and enjoy observing and seeing what is within me that may need to be addressed.

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Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation

Being both informational and instructional the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation is the perfect meditation for beginners or for anyone interested in developing and establishing the quality of their own gentle breath and understanding the true value and purpose of meditation.

The Gentle Breath Meditation® is my ‘check in moment’ for how I am actually feeling at present, within my body and even being aware of the thoughts in my mind.

Our thoughts and the body’s signals are always there, lovingly showing us where we are at. We do have a choice to feel and honour our innate awareness with our body and mind, or we can ignore this.

Are our thoughts: - negative or self-abusive - thinking or worrying about other people - worrying about what needs to be done and thinking there is not enough time


  • does my body feel run down
  • am I doing too much
  • do I need to speak up with how I am feeling and expressing in my communications with people?

Our bodies are amazing in letting us know what is going on and we can listen and feel this with the beautiful support of the Gentle Breath Meditation®. It is then your choice to allow yourself this time and space just for you. As you are first and most important person in your life, this needs your loving care and attention.

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Yummy Gentle Breath Meditation

This beautiful instructional Gentle Breath Meditation presents the keys to mastering returning to you by engaging the rhythm of your own gentle breath.

I avoided looking within myself in the past. I was tense, sad, and fearful and I found these emotions, feelings, demands of work, money, life, with how I relate with myself and other people difficult to face. I did not know how to truly look after myself and support myself in the world.

I felt an unease within myself and that there was something missing. I discovered through the Gentle Breath Meditation® that the ‘something missing’ was a connection to my essence, the true me within my body. We do feel everything that is going on within us and around us. And the feelings, emotions or reactions that we experience are an opportunity to communicate honesty with oneself and with other people. This brings a responsibility for our own thoughts, reactions and emotions. We are equipped to handle everything in life when we are connected to ourselves and choose to feel into what has occurred or happened. We don’t have to get caught up in the emotions and issues, let them consume us and carry them around thinking that they are us. Tensions can and do build up within us – in our bodies – and the mind can be filled with a long list of things to do and accomplish.

I am now dedicated to and enjoy observing and seeing what is within me that may need to be addressed.

With the support of the Gentle Breath Meditation® I can let go, the issues do dissolve and have no longer a hold over me. There is a space of inner calm and a freedom to be just me with no demands – I also feel my own love. The body recognises this feeling energetically, it has a marker – a register that says YES I know this feeling of gentleness and I can build upon it every time I choose to breathe in gently, at any time of the day, anywhere.

This feeling is now very strong; my body does communicate with me easily and shows me if I feel uncomfortable. I am now learning to honour everything I am feeling and I question, “Wait a minute? What is going on?” I enjoy the moments and process of this now and I have embraced this, as I have a choice to stop and breathe gently and surrender my body to the divine love that I am from and within.

The Gentle Breath Meditation® helps us come back to the body, our self-loving and self-caring choices then allow us to feel and return to that essence within more clearly. It opens us to the fact that we can be gentle with our bodies, we can move in a gentle way, which for many people may be unfamiliar. This has an impact with everything that you do, for example how you touch and use objects in your life. How do you open the front door – is it gentle? Or do you rush through it, knocking your elbow? Every action is a vibration from your own body that you put out, and which eventually returns back to you, the creator. I find this awareness to be telling of how I am using my body in harmony or in disharmony in my daily chores, duties, work commitments, with myself and other people and how I am in life. When I am ‘out’ I choose simply to breathe in gently; this has become a constant easy flow from my body. It is easy to stand up for myself, to speak up and there is naturalness in communicating. I want to care for my body with nurturing and eating healthily, I have eliminated gluten and dairy which my body found very heavy, tiring and uncomfortable. My body has a lightness in my steps now... I am playful during the working day and enjoy being with other people.

The Gentle Breath Meditation® has enabled me to express more of my joy and love with an openness, appreciation and a respect for myself and all the people in the world. From my inner-heart I live a true life of deep knowing and understanding and I show my true self to the world that I am a Son of God, that all people are the same as me equally within, and we can restore this truth and way of being by connecting back to and Living who we truly are: a good starting point to reconnect to this is the Gentle Breath Meditation®.

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