Who we truly are: the loveless mind

We all know the beauty in a little child – this is Divinity – natural within us all.

What do we do to those natural feelings of a little child? A child who freely expresses all they feel – joy, sadness, everything – it all just comes out, unfiltered. And sometimes, a little child just seems so huge, don’t they? Like their joy and their bubbliness is just exploding out of them? That is the natural expression of the Divinity that we are – simple – so, so simple, as it is in us all.

And yet what happens to that natural loveliness – that we all had, at least when very small?

"A little child will know him and herself and others by the livingness of what he or she feels… We kill those feelings ... to further dull their inner-heart whilst we feed and expand the love-less mind."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations - A New Study for Mankind p 165

The fact is, we kill off the natural expression of that beauty – of our Divinity, by making it all about the loveless mind. We make it all about the loveless mind when we:

  • Think we need to know all the answers
  • Think we’ve got to be right
  • Think we’ve got to be quick, fast, get it all done, be better than others, climb the ladder…
  • Think a qualification is going to make us smart, or successful

And so on ...

But what does living from the loveless mind do to us?

Don’t our bodies tell the truth of where we are at?? If we look around us, we don’t have to look that far to see that:

  • People are getting bigger and bigger – obesity is prolific, even in kids
  • The nightly numbing with alcohol is common-place – in fact totally normal – don’t we want to ask ourselves why we need this?
  • Diabetes is almost at epidemic proportions
  • People are putting up with aches and pains that they simply cannot seem to get rid of

We think we’re doing ok, as long as we don’t have a terminal disease, or something that makes us stop. As long as we can keep going, we call that life and say that, yes, we are actually ok.

The truth is – this is not actually life. It is not actually living. At best – it’s getting by, getting through.

Is that really enough for us?? Is that really all we want?

Perhaps we could pause here and ask ourselves if we are actually allowing life to be like this? We can actually choose differently, at any time. Sometimes, it seems like we can’t choose any other way, because it is almost like life is mapped out for us and the ‘doings’ in life just take over ...

But what if that is not the case at all – and what we are feeling is just the momentum of having allowed that to be the way we live (exist) for so long ... Like a freight train where we’ve simply forgotten where the brake is ... Careering on, until ...

We can choose to stop, or we can be brought to a stop. Which way we go – is actually up to us. Do our bodies not call us to a stop? Yes – we all know that feeling – when we get sick, or just are so exhausted that we cannot move (as long as we’re not pumped up on sugar or caffeine so we can’t feel what our body is saying ... ).

Our bodies talk to us, all of the time. They are continuously telling us that the way we are living is not true. Our part in it – is whether we listen to that, or not.

At some point, we have to listen, because the signals, or the messages from the body, become so strong that they force us to stop. But we don’t have to leave it that long ... we can decide that we want more from and in life, as soon as we’re ready to.

The choice is to go with what the loveless mind tells us to do (at the expense of the body), or to listen to the truth presented by the body itself. That is our choice – the loveless mind ... or the truth of the body ... and we make that choice daily – in fact multiple times an hour ... in all that we do.

So the question for each of us to sit with is, how long are we going to leave it? Our bodies tell the truth, and – looking around at the way life is, for pretty much everyone, is it not an absolute truth that our bodies are telling us we need to change now??

What would be great enough to make us want to stop?

Is it possible that there is something absolutely amazing missing from our lives?

What if there is a place deep, deep within you that is so sweet, so tender, so loving, and simply so perfect – where you could not be hurt, where you could be free to just be yourself… and where you knew, as a fact, that you are love. Wouldn’t this be worth finding … and once found, keeping, forever more?

"It is the inner-most we all crave and it is the inner-most that will turn the world back into the life we ought to be living. On a grand scale this will take many hundreds of years for there are still too many who will fight to defend what gives them authority, power, comfort and position. That said our bodies… cannot wait …"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations - A New Study for Mankind p 708

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