Awareness and why we avoid it

Awareness and why we avoid it

Have you ever considered or connected to just how much awareness you have, a knowing of what is truly going on in life, and the power of that awareness and what you can bring?

Is this awareness, or deeper knowing, what you live with on a daily basis? If not, have you ever wondered why you would choose to live less than the full grandness of who you truly are?

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Awareness and why we avoid it

With awareness we can bring the power of the Universe to every situation – so why wouldn’t we want to do that? The simple answer is revealed in this audio.

"These two questions are for you: Are you one as described by what follows? Or, perhaps, are you one who has lost the awareness that you are one as described by what follows? . . . what follows:

I do not want to see and feel the fact that we are surrounded by super forms and grand levels of intelligence and wisdom simply because I will easily become all that grandness myself. And to reoccupy that grandness, that is, to become, once again, stupendous love, intelligence and wisdom, which is actually who I really am, means that I will be attacked by the establishment.

And so, as the ages have taught us, I need to ignore all that, ignore the real facts, and instead live in such a way that my perception will not permit me to see the truth but instead hold the reductionist view and the suppressed perception I must play ball with in order to be left alone. Yes, I need to play down, dull and dumb my actual Divine wholeness in order to not be bullied and attacked by those who serve the current loveless and very unequal, lopsided worldwide systems."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p 197

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