It is never about food!

Food stands accused for Obesity, Anorexia and much related to ill-health, but it should be all about Energetic Integrity

It is never about food!

We blame food for a lot – obesity, anorexia and many forms of ill-health. Our food chain is responsible for horrific battery farming and so much irresponsible behaviour of Mankind. But there is also another side to food choices and the food chain.

Have you ever seen one of those Whodunit type movies where so often the central character has been framed and the movie proceeds to prove him not guilty? That is what is slowly starting to happen with food as a few leading health and wellbeing opinion makers bear witness to exposing the story of the role food plays, and does not play, in our lives and deaths.

There is no need to substantiate the plague of obesity and the fact that there are now more people in the world who are obese than hungry. The legacy of this generation can be starkly witnessed in every public place; the statistics are overwhelming. Of course it is not just obesity – the ranks of anorexic people are growing too. Eating and drinking disorders are more the order of the day than the exception.

Food stands accused.

But in truth, food is the innocent party here. It is never to do with food. It is all about us and our state of being.

Our food is constantly a distraction from our awareness. Awareness is an important stepping-stone towards our evolution and wellbeing, which are our reasons for being.

Evolution is about all aspects of our levels of wellbeing, of our behaviour, of our connections and relationships – it is not just about food.

Evolution is about our level of Livingness. When we feed ourselves we are feeding our body of expression. The kind of food we consume and its preparation will dictate the quality of our expression. We will choose our food based on the state of our being at the time of the choice of food, usually well before the consumption of the food itself; it is that state of being that determines our quality of expression.

When we eat, we do so on behalf of everyone. If we understand that “Everything is because of Energy” then we will understand what it means to eat and drink on behalf of everyone.

Experience firsthand the change in the face of the person opposite as she has her first glass of wine for the day. The face visibly turns lemony. Some change more than others. That is energy at play as the molecules of alcohol pulse through the body and take hold of her energy system, to make her who she is not.

The bizarre and cruel process of mass production in animal farming is testament to how reckless we have become with food. If we are to consume animals, including fish, then we need to completely readdress those farming methods, with Energetic Integrity being at the forefront of our consideration. We must be similarly concerned for the mass production of many vegetables and all the pesticides and GMO processes that go with that industry. Energetically, what are we doing to ourselves here? It cannot be evolutionary.

It is we humans who are creating these food chains that do not serve. The food industry is largely driven by greed with little regard for The Livingness (living our true selves) and minimal regard for the animals’ quality of life.

For those who claim that the corrupted model of battery farming is the only way we can feed the burgeoning population of the world, then consider that many are probably eating at least twice the volume of food we need and we have done little to debate the development of a healthy, serving food chain that is not driven primarily by profits but is rather impulsed by energetic integrity.

Of course, there is also the pesky question of population size – what is the right population level for planet earth as that population climbs relentlessly towards the forecast ten billion people? If we rejected the paradigms of ‘year on year economic growth’ as dictated by the (inappropriate) economic models, what then should the population of planet earth be – 2, 4 6, 8 10 or more billion people?

When we eat, we do so on behalf of everyone. That is the energetic impress at play. Our food issues are a constant distraction away from awareness. Our agenda with food is usually about avoiding the full power of who we truly are.

Sure, the human food chain needs wholesale restructuring, probably starting with agreeing as to what is real food and then how much of it do we need to sustain life healthily. Sure we need to consider carefully the choice of restaurant and the energetic imprint of its owner, the chef, the maître d' and the waiter. Sure we need to consider carefully to avoid battery farmed proteins from animals that must have lived horrific lives and the energetic imprints those meats retain, even after slaughter.

And yes, even at home, with our organic food ingredients, we need to consider carefully the energy that we are in as we responsibly prepare food for ourselves and others. But at the end of the day ...

  • How aware were we when we set off shopping for food and when we prepared and presented food?
  • How responsible?
  • How serving to everyone else can we be if we are already uncaring about our food chain?
  • How can we simply accept what is the way, when that way is already so screwed up?

Our issues are never to do with food. Our food issues come foremost from our hurts. Our ignorance comes from a faulty education system, be it at home or at our institutions. Alternatively, our choice of food comes from the state of being we find ourselves in as we set off to make our nutritional purchases.

We have available to us Esoteric and Energetic Psychology to help us return to our original state of being.

Once we make it a food issue, we are burying the true issue. Our food issues are constantly a distraction away from Awareness and Responsibility so that we avoid the full power of what we truly have to bring to humanity.

With awareness and responsibility, we will eventually evolve. With responsibility, the food chain will one day be completely overhauled and returned to food production as conceived by The Ageless Wisdom. Only then will food be serving our evolution and only then we will be able to eat ‘on behalf of everyone’. Only then will we be in our full power.

It is never to do with food. It is the premeditated abusive living that occurs well before consumption that causes all those food (and beverage) disorders.

Food is not guilty, Your Honour. The Human Beings did it!

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  • By Neil Gamble, Chairman & Director of Companies, Retired CEO