The magic of writing from the Soul

The magic of writing from the Soul

"One of the major contributors to the problems of this world, medical, social and commercial, is that we have sought comfort in the mass reduction of our inborn magnificence."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume III, ed 1, p 260

Be inspired by this two minute audio that presents what truly invigorates and regenerates us.

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The magic of writing from the Soul

The amazing experience of writing a book from the Soul and how, when you write one, you will want to write another.

"There is nothing that is unexplainable or ‘mysterious’ when you are connected to your Soul. And this is because it sources its wisdom, intellect and beingness from God, or more specifically, the space that is what we call God."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, ed 1, p 11

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