International Women’s Day 2022 – What bias is there to break?

International Women’s Day 2022 – What bias is there to break?

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. But what does this truly mean? What does it mean to break the bias?

We all know Simone de Beauvoir’s famous phrase from The Second Sex (1949) “one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” referring to how social constructs and our social conditioning inform what we will then describe as 'being a woman' in the construction of the ‘Other’, a deviation or lesser form from the male. Many have dissected this process from within the situation we are born into, but what has been conveniently left out is the fact that a female body is not just defined by its biological features and the socialisation process, but by its capacity to hold Sacredness and to offer this Sacredness to humanity.

We are born with Sacredness, but the corrupted way of human life takes us away from this bodily intelligence to a point that we live life without even knowing it. Moreover, not only not knowing Sacredness, but incentivised to live in a way that consistently undermines and attacks our Sacredness.

"Is there a sacred place on earth (?), or, is there one more sacred than another?

Answer: you are made of sacredness as each particle holds all the all is. Therefore, we can make life and or any ‘place’ truly sacred by our movements; by living who we truly are we make the sacredness."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume III, ed 1, p 12

So, what is the bias we have to break? And do we actually don’t have to break anything but simply surrender to the completeness we already are?

If we are to ‘break’ any bias it should start with the realisation of how much we have been corrupted to believe that we are just a fleshy being, believing either the folktale of the Adam and Eve story or the more sophisticated scientific version – the tale of having passed some initial primitive stages and then become this advanced human being in control of its own evolution and on this path unfortunately we have developed a male bias oppressing women’s rights and integrity as well as the many other ill-beings we have cultivated in our human advancement.

When we stay in the bias of two sides of the same story, we are denying our true grandness in the constant belief that we just have to overcome the waywardness of one side, when in truth we are accommodated in a forever wayward movement that never lets us live the sacred temple we have at our service to live in the multidimensionality of our origins.

Hence, it is not being ‘the Other’, the deviation of the male that is established as the norm that subordinates us and robs us of our power.

It is the negation of the Kingly/Godly body that keeps us in the subordinated state of a lesser being and all the gender struggle is just a distraction from the true subordination we have accepted as our normal.

Understanding this, the real bias (subordination) is the one that makes us live as human beings first, striving for our human dreams and the good human life. In this everybody then builds his or her own individual life project – pro-active by the drive to achieve or passive in the overwhelm or resistance to what is on offer.

Sacredness however means to live who we truly are, not by fighting against a corrupt model, but by living a quality that makes normal what we long have forgotten. Sacredness is a lived way, it’s the way to live in a human body, by understanding the body as a vehicle of divine expression. Hence, the real question is do we live from that multidimensionality or from the simple human existence of a functioning or not so well functioning human body?

To live un-biased is to live in our body in the knowing that it is the sacred temple of our divine multidimensionality and that every movement matters and creates our reality.

“Sacredness is a movement, a lived way – a movement in form in the human body as our vehicle of divine expression. Sacredness is our divinity and hence simply formlessness in form.”

Serge Benhayon Relationship Workshop 2017

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